Beta testers wanted for Magical Diary: Horse Hall and other Hanako/Spiky Caterpillar games

Beta testers wanted for Magical Diary: Horse Hall and other Hanako/Spiky Caterpillar games

I'm porting my and Hanako Games' Linux catalog to run on MeeGo tablets, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in a free beta rpm of any of the following on MeeGo: - Magical Diary: Horse Hall (Which should be available in the next few days) - Date Warp - Cute Knight Kingdom (Which is a more complicated porting project, as it requires rewriting my Linux GameMaker runtime to use 3D acceleration before it will have acceptable performance) - Cute Knight Deluxe - Science Girls
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I would be happy to beta test Magical Diary, so far I have really enjoyed the game but I am hoping they continue to expand it past the current first year of classes. It would be nice to see it get even more challenging and more involved ultimately through graduation. The graphics and storyline are very nice, so I hope it progresses.


Wolf Hall will definitiely be another freshman year, as we want to explore plots that are in the periphery of Horse Hall. I can't say anything with absolute certainty about future plans, but our initial plan was to do one game for each house's freshman year rather than to try to do a multi-year game. Unless we change tone and speed drastically, a four-year game would be around 600,000 words and likely get released sometime between 2015 and 2018 *IF* we started right this second - and that's assuming that there's only one True Ending per year. If you can follow multiple paths into senior year, complexity grows geometrically.

(I've also sent you a private message with questions about testing setup.)

I have a exoPC running MeeGo.. I might be able to help beta.

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