c# program get exceptionn 0x800703e6 while try to use dll that use ipp (libiomp5md) on xp , on win 7 its work fine

c# program get exceptionn 0x800703e6 while try to use dll that use ipp (libiomp5md) on xp , on win 7 its work fine

i have a progrem on c# that use ***.dll that use ipp's dll i write it on window 7 and its work fine. when i try to use the program on xp i got exceptionn : unable to load ***.dll (0x800703e6 ), when i debug the ***.dll i found that the crush happends on my first call to ipp, while i look on the report i saw that it cant open libiomp5md.dll, when i use to test on native program (on ex computer) - it work ok any suggestion?
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(1) Your Windows XP is X86 or X64 ?
(2) Your Windows 7 is X86 or X64 ?
(3) What kind "Target Platform" (X86? X64 ? Any CPU?) you choose when you compile your program ?


Check that the required DLL is being installed onto the client machine in a location that the calling application has access to (or that it is registered properly). If this is a .NET DLL you may wish to assign it a strong key and place it in the Global Assembly Cache.

Cause of Windows Error 0x800703E6

Error 0x800703E6 mostly occurs in Windows XP/Vista/7/8. This error is generally caused by corrupted registry keys, damaged or missing dll files, outdated driver, Windows update error, missing or damaged system files or due to virus, Trojan or other destructive program.

Symptoms of Windows Error 0x800703E6

Due to this error you may face slow PC speed, unable to open or run certain program, unable to make windows update, BSOD error or inability to install new program. A malicious user like hacker may use this error to breach your system security and steal entire confidential data from your PC like credit card info, bank details or other confidential login details including password.

How to fix Windows Error 0x800703E6?

The error 0x800703E6 occurs because of various reasons so it is really hard to find and fix all bugs manually. It is recommended to use RegCure Pro to fix windows error code 0x800703E6. It is one of the advance software that make deep scan of your PC and fixes all the error as registry error, dll error, sys error, exe error, driver error etc.

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