Can't get certification because I live with my parents?

Can't get certification because I live with my parents?

Hey forum members I'm 18 and just finished high school in Sydney, Australia. I decided to convert one of my HTML5 canvas-based games to work with the Intel AppUp platform, since this platform had the perfect target devices (netbooks). However, the validation required a certificate from a company called Comodo. I sent copies of my drivers license and bank statement as proof of ID, however, they INSIST I send a phone bill IN MY OWN NAME, which I absolutely cannot do since I LIVE WITH MY PARENTS. My father had offered to send a signed declaration but the support staff of Comodo haven't accepted this solution. I'm genuinely interested in being a part of this ecosystem, but if the validation process hasn't been adjusted to allow people in my situation ('bedroom coders' and the like) to join, I can't help but wonder if that will severely limit the potential of the AppUp program. Appreciate any help, this situation should logically not exist in the first place!
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This (signed declaration) has worked in the past. I will check into it.

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Can you please send me your Comodo Order number to my email ID and I will check on this.


I'm glad there's a way past this.

I don't want to make comparisons, but surely if Intel and its AppUp store want to make headway into the market, the sign-up process should be as simple as, if not easier, than Apple's or Microsoft's. I've tried applying to Microsoft's Windows Phone marketplace and almost completed the process, only to be denied because I wasn't 18.

As I said before, I'm really keen on getting into the game development business and this seems the best place to begin. If I could join, obviously.

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