An Early Look at Tizen

An Early Look at Tizen

Hi, I just had a look of the pre-release and developer docs of Tizen: I am very exited and happy that Tizen is here in Q1 of 2012 as expected! Hope that Windows or Mac SDK will be available soon. What about you? Are you impressed with the pre-release, too? Thanks, Leon
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Hello. Well I was looking foward to this release and it came earlier than I was anticipating. I was so enthralled that I scurried over to ubuntu and grabbed the latest 32bit ISO, peiced together a machine to meet the requirements from spare parts I had lying around. Then I added the required packages needed for the SDK and then installed it without a hitch. Good instructions got me all way through without hassle... And I had too also get a good GIT manager and some references for useing Eclipse. I was useing the MeeGo SDK wich was off QT and meego seemed to be more RedHattish, or yummie in flavor while Tizen feels much more in line with Debian. I still have some issues running the Emulator to test apps, but I think it more lack of Ram to blame there. Wanted 2gig, It does run with less.. .. If you got time and like hearing harddrives cache it out. Well After spending most the day with the Tizen giiveeez... I wanted to share my experience. I'll soon be working on getting a working ISO, and I was also hopeing we could add medical devices to the list of possiable hardware to run on. I know that lotah medical stuff is off linux so maybe this could get a foot in that door. Great work.

I think the Ancient Maya also had a Tizen Tablet ...

And it even is ok on AMD if one must.

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