Encapsulator Error in AIR packaging : file was not found,appcode.msi

Encapsulator Error in AIR packaging : file was not found,appcode.msi

Hi: I get the following error when I try to package an Adobe AIR file in encapsulator for Windows. "msg:assertion failure,file was not found,appcode.msi" Full error message shown in the encapsulator is also given below. started: 2012-03-02T00:06:18-0800 error messages: subsys:com\intel\wag\JobModel::createJob date:2012-03-02T00:06:18-0800 msg:job entry created subsys:com\intel\wag\UploadService::createNewJob date:2012-03-02T00:06:18-0800 msg:adding app code to job subsys:com\intel\wag\UploadService::createNewJob date:2012-03-02T00:06:19-0800 msg:app code successfully added subsys:com\intel\wag\UploadService::callPackageService date:2012-03-02T00:06:19-0800 msg:Calling the package service,windows_air subsys:com\intel\wag\UploadService::callPackageService date:2012-03-02T00:06:20-0800 msg:package service responded with status,ok subsys:PkgExecBackend_main date:2012-03-02T00:06:20-0800 msg:starting PkgExecBackend subsys:com\intel\wag\PkgExecBackend::exec date:2012-03-02T00:06:20-0800 msg:setting up tools subsys:com\intel\wag\PkgExecBackend::exec date:2012-03-02T00:06:20-0800 msg:calling air packager subsys:com\intel\wag\PkgExecBackend::exec date:2012-03-02T00:06:22-0800 msg:returned from air packager subsys:PkgExecBackend_main date:2012-03-02T00:06:22-0800 msg:assertion failure,file was not found,appcode.msi Entry expires: 2012-03-03T00:06:22-0800 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. Thanks George Blue Innovations (formerly 5dollarapps)
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Hi - were you able to get a solution for this? I am getting the same error - msg:assertion failure,file was not found,

Found the solution. I had a file 3D Tetris and the encapsulator would give the above error for using 3DTetris in the App Name and Tool Tip. Upon changing it to Tetris3D, the error was resolved.

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