File size limitation

File size limitation

What is the max file size allowed for ePub uploads?
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I think same as application limitation,Max 2GB, please see: Application Submission .msi file size limitation AND Ceiling for msi package (Size)

The max epub file size that Creator will accept is 30 MB. If you use Chrome, FireFox, or Safari, it will tell you before uploading. If you are using IE9, it will notify you after it has reached 30 MB. This is an API issue with IE9.

Do you need a larger epub file support?

I can upload a 20M file. And then create the test (it creates an MSI that works on my PC). But when I try to 'Publish' .. it takes about 5 mintues before I get a response that the filesize is too large.

Its a 20Meg ePub file.

Not sure what the problem is .. its a 20Meg ePub file. I upload it (1-Create tab) then process and test download it (2-Test tab).
But then I get to the final step (3-Publish tab) ... an error message pops up "file upload error,file too large"

I've testedt the MSI ... on my laptop ...31meg file. But I'm not uploading anything any more ... its already been uploaded??!!!

Let me look into this issue and get bakc with you. Thanks. Jim

@jrnelson4281, are you using the default icon file or your own icon file? The only difference that could happen between the test package and publish package is the icon file.


I just tried with the default icon .. same error: "file upload error,file too large"
Original file/size: chs1978.epub/19,845,969
Test file/size: MyTestOrg.MyTestEbookApp_1319230234630.windows_generic.msi/ 31,576,064

I used default icon. Screenprint:

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