Flash Player is required to run .msi file

Flash Player is required to run .msi file

I have prepared .msi package file through encapsulator for my swf files . When I have downloaded it and try to run .msi file on the laptop ; message appears as below ; this is inspite of fact that I DO HAVE LATEST FLASH PLAYER INSTALLED ON MY LAPTOP. It appears the Adobe Flash Player is not installed.
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Hi there - I just answered the thread over here: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/forums/i-have-wasted-lot-time (and in private message).


I have used windows ; Today I used your new code from your blog and made an msi file . I downloaded it on my laptop . I run it and still the message come in flash not installed .... . I could not understand why this problem is happening . If you can help ; I can send you my 3 files together i.e ; icon.png ; index.html ; and the .swf file . You may try at your end if you like . So that a solution can be found easily .


I got a breakthrough ; you know what I did ; I was downloading the flash player earlier from adobe website . I have again downloaded a new flash player from http://downloads.phpnuke.org/en/download-item-view-x-m-x-a-n/ADOBE%2BFLASH%2BPLAYER%2BFIREFOX,%2BCHROME%2BY%2BOPERA%2B.htm

This is for firefox . Whereas I already have google chrome installed . Now ;

I am able to run my swf properly with the msi .

But I am holding my breath .... I have to see whether I can be able to download it for beta test from the appupcentre. I thin you should get some tip from above to refresh you coding and send me some reward to get this catch .


Another thing ; flash player is different for every browser ; so do you think people need to have this firefox flash player ?? If some one does not have it then pls send the user to the website http://downloads.phpnuke.org/en/download-item-view-x-m-x-a-n/ADOBE%2BFLASH%2BPLAYER%2BFIREFOX,%2BCHROME%2BY%2BOPERA%2B.htm

for downloading as your encapsulator is using the plugins etc of firefox . So the code may get changed .

Also I have downloaded this new player using chrome and IE both . No difference . Whereas the player being downloaded from flash site is especially for chrome ; I think .


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