HELP! CA Vendor does not know about certs and Firefox...

HELP! CA Vendor does not know about certs and Firefox...

Hi All, After going through a very long and painful effort getting the cert from Intel's Comodo partner I find out that they do not know how deal with Firefox and getting the cert from there. Does anyone know how to get the right type of cert out of Firefox and then how to add it properly to the keystore so it will get through the beta checks that are done during validation???? Thanks, -Tony
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By the way Firefox exports p7c not PFX as the vendor asked me to export. Also when exporting from Firefox there is a chained p7c and a non chained p7c export.


Hi All,

Comodo was kind enough the start the process for cert again and we went through the IE browser to apply again. They promise to reuse the info I porvided so I do not have to go through all the steps again.

So stay aboslutely away from all browsers except IE when submitting the request for a cert.


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