Help needed Meego SDK1.2 installation

Help needed Meego SDK1.2 installation

Cannot install Meego SDK 1.2. Every time it starts to install, it freezes at 2% Retrieving meta component information...
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What's you system (Windows ? Linux -which distribution and version- ?)?

Best Regards.

Arnaud Delcasse

windows xp.

Are you administrator of the system ? Did you run the installer with administration rights ?

hi arnaud, thanks for ur continuous interest.
Yes. i tried installing it under administrator login only.

Hello pyree,

Sorry, can't help you much more : I don't have any Windows system at home.
Did you try to install the Qt SDK from ? It contains the same Qt libraries. Packaging should then be made separately (or maybe is there a plugin ?), but you could start some development already as libraries are the same.

Good luck with that.

Best Regards.


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