How to convert web apps?

How to convert web apps?

Hi,   I just created a WebApp with Intel AppUp Creator. How can I convert it into an iOS WebApp and how can I install it on my iPad 2? I've got iOS 5.0.1 and no chance to change ios version ;)   Very very very many thanks to that person who can help me :)   Best, Daniel   PS: os of my Computer is Windows XP.
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I think that you won't be able to convert your application to an iOS one. The Appup Creator generates RPM and MSI files containing binaries which won't be running on iOS. They are generated to be used on MeeGo (RPM) or Windows (MSI) (through Intel's Appup preferably, but you're still able to install the software without the Appup with the RPM/MSI file).

Best Regards.



I know that but I asked for an converter for rpm or msi to iOS files.
Do you know something like that?

If it helps: I could jailbreak my iPT.
So Cydia apps are no problem.


PS: Thanks for your answer :)

I meant that it's not possible ;) There is no tool for that and the technologies used by the encapsulator (C++/Qt/QtWebkit) are not available for iOS (actually, there might be an attempt to port Qt with Qt Lighthouse but not fully functional, and anyway, the executables from the encapsulator would not run on an iOS device even if extracted from the RPM/MSI file).

Thank you. Now I got it :)

But do you know any tool for Win XP with which I can "click" web apps for ios together (like with AppUp Creator)?
Because I do not have got a Mac or XCode and of course I do not have any programming knowledge.

Sorry, I don't have (and don't even want to have) any idea on how to do anything with iOS ;). I advise you to ask on an Apple/iOS dedicated forum. Here might not be the right place for these topics.


A. Delcasse

I have already asked in the Apple Forum but they said I should ask here?!?!
I'll ask a second time :D

Anyway thank you for you help :)


Hi Daniel,

Currently we do not have anyway to create a WebApp for iOS. We are currently looking into other means to support all platforms without having to create native apps for each platform. We are looking into this as a new feature, but do not have a time frame of when it will be available.


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