How to include Intel SDK in C# code

How to include Intel SDK in C# code

I have an application written in .net and C#. How do I include Intel SDK?
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see Intel AppUp Software Development Kit API Reference for .NET technology

Hello Anita,

you can download the .NET SDK installer here:

It will include a documentation and sample code also for C# which is very easy to include in your existing application.

Best regards

I Have downloaded the SDK and installed it. I can see everything in VS2010. When I run the wizard, it gives me error. How can I attach the error message.

Error - "Open a Native C++ or CSharp Source file that you want to intergrate with the SDK library before launching Intel Appup(TM) Software Development Wizard."

I have found it works best to implement your Intel AppUp code in the "Program.cs" source file once you have everything properly installed.  If you would like me to elaborate further or require any assisstancec, do not hesitate to ask.  Best wishes with your work.

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