How long before user see beta app in "My Apps" ?

How long before user see beta app in "My Apps" ?

Hi All, Does someone know how long after the email before the user sees beta app under "My Apps? ? Thanks, -Tony
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Hi All,

I found that the best way to see updates is to uninstall then reinstall Appup. Sometimes the updates work without doing that and sometimes it does not as mentioned in other posts.

At least now I can test and see some of what the validation team is trying to tell me.


My experience is 15min~1hour. Sometimes never been shown. Suggest you build up over 2 environment for beta testing.

Thanks I am seeing the same thing on the forums. Kind of sad the environment to use for testing is less stable and reliable than the apps that are to be tested.

Does not Intel realize they are causeing issues for their own validation team by not having the beta test environment working properly??

This has been a known issue for some time very surprised it is not fixed yet.


I've just found out something. My friend send me a beta testing, I couldn't see the App in AppUp Center of Window 7 X64, but I can get it in Windows 7 X86. (This is why I suggest build up different environment for testing)
This is because he set "Supported OS Platforms:" option only to "Windows 7", but not select "Windows 7 X64".
Maybe your issue is this, hope this information is help for you.

I am testing under Windows 7 32-bit and it does not show up. I only remember seeing the selection for supported apps say only Windows 7 and XP. I selected both. I do not remember seeing Windows 7 X64. I will check but again I am thinking what Intel meant was Windows 7 (either 32 or 64-bit) and XP 32-bit. Perhaps this is another field you are talking about.


I mean this option, you should click "Windows 7" first, the the web page will show up "Win 7 64-bit" and "Win XP"

Okay yes I checked those both usually and my first 32-bit java app passed validation on both.

I will try again. I hope I do not have to uninstall and reinstall after I send an invite. That "temp workaround" is real painfull and only good once before it has to be repeated. known bug yet not addressed. Sorry, tired of telling testers to uninstall and reinstall Appup Center becuase it does not work properly.



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