How to play a video in Intel app up java application ?

How to play a video in Intel app up java application ?

How to play a video in Intel appup java application ? can any one give the sample code ? or links ?
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hope this can help you.

Hey thanks for reply,

I followed the same link , where I import the package*;
then i am getting an error "" cannot be resoled . how do I fix this ?
I am new to Java and intel app development.

Also I installed JMF in my system but I dont know how to use it in Eclipse .. ?

Hi All,
I am unable to play a video using JMF,

am getting error "Unable to handle format: MPEG, 352x240, FrameRate=29.9, Length=126720" ??

I tried for "filename.mpg" and "filename.avi"

for this to solve i downloaded the jffmpeg.jar file and put in the JMF`s libdirectory.

But When I go to the JMStudio to add any plugin it says "Item cannot add" ??

how to install jffmpeg.jar file to JMF for playing video ???

or any complete sample code to play video in intel app up java application ? or any supported link ??

This is How my code

MediaPanel media = new MediaPanel(new URL("file:///C:/Program Files/eclipse/MediaPlayer/tmp/bailey.mpg"));

public class MediaPanel extends JPanel
public MediaPanel( URL mediaURL )
// System.out.println("MediaPanel Called");
setLayout( new BorderLayout() ); // use a BorderLayout

// Use lightweight components for Swing compatibility
Manager.setHint( Manager.LIGHTWEIGHT_RENDERER, true );

// create a player to play the media specified in the URL
Player mediaPlayer = Manager.createRealizedPlayer( mediaURL );

// get the components for the video and the playback controls
Component video = mediaPlayer.getVisualComponent();
Component controls = mediaPlayer.getControlPanelComponent();

if ( video != null )
add( video, BorderLayout.CENTER ); // add video component

if ( controls != null )
add( controls, BorderLayout.SOUTH ); // add controls

mediaPlayer.start(); // start playing the media clip
} // end try
catch ( NoPlayerException noPlayerException )
System.err.println( noPlayerException.getLocalizedMessage());
} // end catch
catch ( CannotRealizeException cannotRealizeException )
System.err.println( "Could not realize media player" );
} // end catch
catch ( IOException iOException )
System.err.println( "Error reading from the source" );
} // end catch
} // end MediaPanel constructor
} // end class MediaPanel

Thanks in advance..!

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