HTML5 File APIs: When Will They Be Available in AppUp Encapsulator?

HTML5 File APIs: When Will They Be Available in AppUp Encapsulator?

Hello Encapsulator Team, Do you have any ETA as to when the HTML5 File APIs will be available in the Encapsulator? Been waiting for quite a while for the Team to integrate the latest QTWebKit release that includes both the Audio/Video and File APIs, but it seems nothing is happening. Any good news? ETA?
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It is my understanding a broader set of APIs for HTML5 apps like our In-App APIs and updated webkit for Encapsulator which has HTML5 Audio/Video support should release toward the end of Q1 or early Q2 if all goes well. Meanwhile HTML5 apps can use our Authentication API, Crash Reporting API, Fullscreen API and Local storage API and audio can be incorporated the old school HTML way with embeds

Hope this helps and we appreciate that you've been patient.

Hi Bob,

Thank you so much for your speedy reply.

While it's a bit disappointing that we'll have to wait awhile for the HTML5 File APIs (and Audio/Video APIs), I really appreciate that you're reading our forum posts and listening to us. It's certainly reassuring.

Thanks and all the best,


I am using html5 app. Is there any way to access files on my harddisk and create a copy of it and save it at other locations.

Also, i want to know whether there is a page where all the apis supported by the app are documented.

If yes, please let me know the link.

please let me know the link. !

Thanks !

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