http://_app url and redirection

http://_app url and redirection

Hi all, I'm able to use in the encapsulated app url like http://__app/index.html to reference local page. I need to load a page from a website, and then forward back the use with an HTTP REDIRECT to local resource, I tried to redirect to http://__app/index.html but the encapsulator debugger say me Error -105 when loading url "http://__app/index.html" . How in can bring the user back to local html file? Thanks a lot Michele
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Anyone tried to use encapsulator for a twitter client or facebook app?
I think that Oauth authentication could be impossibile if the encapsulated app can't redirect back the user to local file...

Hello Michele,

I suggest the following article for guidance on writing a Twitter* web client application: Developing HTML5 Applications for AppUp(R) - Part 5 A Twitter* Client Application.

Also, this guide will provide you with very useful information while developing your application using the AppUp(R) Encapsulator tool How to build an AppUp(R) app from a web page using AppUp(R) Encapsulator.

Another great article regarding the development of HTML5 based applications through Intel AppUp(R) Encapsulator 2.0 Alpha: HTML5 feature compatibility for Intel AppUp(R) Encapsulator 2.0 Alpha

If you require more information, please let us know.

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Technical Support Team
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