Intel App developer support not responding

Intel App developer support not responding

Hi, Yesterday I got the notification from Intel that one of my app has been selected among quality 200 apps. I have a couple of queries and I emailed ( them. But I havent got any response yet. Anyone knows a better way to contact them? I shall put my queries here. 1. With notification, they had sent me an Affidavit document. They had asked me to sign the document and sent them inorder to receive the prize money. My question is, on signature column, should I paste the image of my actual signature or just put my name or type as sd/ ? Also there is another column for entering name. So can I put my name on both columns? Can anyone help me on this. 2. I have trouble setting up paypal account. Can they send my prize money by Western Union or Direct Bank Deposit? regards
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Hello Azeem,

first congratulations to your prize! :-)

Regarding 1.:
I suggest printing the document, signing it and scanning it again. But pasting an image of your signature should have the same result.

Regarding 2.:
Don't know exactly, but normally Intel uses PayPal only. But there was no hint regarding that in the e-mail yet. Therefore you should get another e-mail regarding payment.

One note on not receiving a reply:
I already suggested some time ago to setup a simple autoresponder. This would make sure everybody knows that the e-mail has been received in the Intel system. An e-mail is not a secure way to communicate (e-mails can get lost). Therefore it would be very important to know when an e-mail has been received, especially if there is a deadline for sending as in this case. Maybe someone of the Intel guys here could please forward this to the technical department...

Best regards

Hello Azeem,

My apologies for the delay on responding. We received a few hundred emails regarding the winner notifications yesterday and today - we are going through these manually. Sorry there is no auto-response.

This is the first time we are accepting these affidavits electronically via our email account. With your feedback here, I'm seeing that we need to confirm receipt of these emails. Please let me work through the emails and provide a "confirmation" back to you that we received your note by end of this week.

I have seen several winners with this same question on the affidavit form. My recommendation is to print, fill it out, sign it and then scan it. Then, attach the scanned copy to the email and send it back to us. (It will have the time stamp on the email from you.)

We will be processing these through our 3rd party for payment. It will work something like this:
>> Non-US developers: our agency will contact you to check if you have a PayPal or equivalent account. [You can ask them about your situation when they contact you.]
>> US developers: All US winners will be issued a check that will be mailed to you. You will be asked to provide you "ship to" address (only for the check).

Processing of the payments may take a few weeks.

Let me know if you have other questions or concerns. And again, Congratulations and thank you for your participation in the developer challenge!


Kelli Gizzi

Hi, Azeem, so sorry that you are having challenges. Kelli has provided a response to your affidavit question. I will follow up on your question 2, but at this moment I believe that it's only paypal, but I will ask. Where are you located?

Thanks for your reply. As you mentioned, I have printed, filled all the details and then scanned the documents.

I have also sent the documents as attachment via mail.

Hope you can sent me a 'confirmation mail'.

@Rhonda Peters
I got reply from Intel that many users from India are also complaining about Paypal account.

RBI in India has made stricter rules for the functioning of paypal. We cannot store money in paypal anymore. It will be withdrawn to the linked bank account on a daily basis. But the problem is the amount withdrawn is not getting credited in to our bank account. I couldn't verify my paypal account yet as I couldn't enter the test deposits made by paypal to my bank account. (It is still not credited). Even for verified users, when they make withdrawals, it is not credited always. They say it is credited within 4-5 days. But it doesn't show up even after 14 days. Nor the amount is reversed back into paypal account. So Paypal is no more a trusted money transfer method in india.

I guess for the time being Intel can pay by Western Union.


Please let me clarify re: Payment of Challenge prizes

The Developer Challenge program marketing team is aware of the Paypal issues within India. We will contact all of the international winners to see if they have a PayPal account for payment. If PayPal does not work for payment (as in India), the agency work out an alternate payment method. We do this all of the time for challenge winners from India.

Thank you,

Kelli Gizzi

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