Just wondering .......

Just wondering .......

Just saying hello and that I really see tons of potential in something like this. A online tool to create apps for your devices. Love it so far. Hows it coming along? Does useing various browsers work? Is one better than the other? Can this be hosted on my servers instead of through Intel?
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Glad you like the UI. We are continuing to see where we can make the experience much better.

We have tested on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE 9. We recommend the latest browser for best experience. Each of the browser will have their pros and cons. :) I actually use Chrome for most of my testing as I can easily debug my code as well.

We do not provide hosting on other servers except from Intel.


I belive it uses the RPM packaging method and is RedHat based >??? I think... And I have been thrilled when you use Compiz-Fusion as the windowsmanager and ..... WOW... Instead of useing the desktop-panal ... I switched to the 3D-Cube with 3D Windows and changed the button action to go to 3d cube and back and forth... AWSOME lookin... Wish that was default.

But yeah.. Personally I like the speed and fast response to the touch and screen rotate in Meego... Under windows it is really slow and already found myself and others shaking the things thinkin it busted but windows is still figuring out the layout or something dumb.. But yeah really like fast response ... and visually I was't sure sometimes when stuff was loading or if I should click again.. Maybe something more notaciable.

I'll post some screenies of things I've done with it.. Like running DJ mixing software and skratching with it. :)

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