MeeGo tablet app submission to come to a close by the end of year

MeeGo tablet app submission to come to a close by the end of year

With the Linux Foundation moving forward with Tizen, and without MeeGo tablet devices in market, (correction: without AppUp supported MeeGo devices in market) the AppUp developer program will not be accepting MeeGo tablet app submissions for validation, effective December 2011. However, please note MeeGo Netbook app submissions will continue for AppUp. If you are interested in Tizen development, visit the Tizen section of our the site ( and our Tizen forum ( For the latest news on Tizen visit Also for immediate opportunities with AppUp consider development for the Windows platforms and Ultrabook devices, as well as leveraging our support for HTML5 development
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There is the MeeGo tablet 'WeTab' and Acer announced (and demonstrated) the Iconia M500. M stands for MeeGo.

What is your message to developers that spend (wasted?) there time creating Qt applications for MeeGo tablets?

Moreover, you are is still encouraging developers to build new MeeGo applications for tablets ( without any warning.
Please clarify what MeeGo/Qt (for TABLETS) developers should do.
Are we wasting our time or can we continue with our Qt/MeeGo tablet applications?
Can Qt/MeeGo TABLET applications be submitted to to the Tizen AppUp?

Thanks for the correction, I should have stated there are no AppUp supported MeeGo tablets in market today. I will correct the thread. In fact, Intel is a fan of the WeTab and 4titoo and recently funded them (

The page you link to does discuss MeeGo tablet, but is a blog post written at a time when we were encouraging developers around MeeGo tablets. We believe in a permanent record of blog content and leave blogs as they are published. While we see blogs are great places to get the latest news and information, we manage our technical articles to guide developers on what is actionable. We are in the process of updating our articles to reflect the change of support for MeeGo tablet.

Per your comments on Tizen and supported technology, the Linux Foundation’s site is the best resource and destination to learn and discuss supported technologies and path from MeeGo to Tizen, as that platform evolves.

Per this announced change, continuing to list MeeGo tablet as an option In the AppUp submission form could be misleading as AppUp is not commercially supported on MeeGo tablets. As it’s now been a couple months since the MeeGo to Tizen announcement in September, we feel it is the appropriate time to correct the form to properly reflects options for distributing apps to AppUp supported devices and platforms.

Sorry for any confusion, I hope this more appropriately clarifies this change

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