Merge Modules on VS 2010

Merge Modules on VS 2010

Hello, I am using vs 2010. I do not have the following merge modules: Microsoft_VC90_CRT_x86.msm Microsoft_VC90_DebugCRT_x86.msm What i do have is: Microsoft_VC100_CRT_x86.msm Microsoft_VC100_DebugCRT_x86.msm Will that be fine or is there a way I can get the .msm files?
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Hello Rahul,

Visual Studio 2010 was not supported with Windows* SDK 1.0 so you will see some posts that reference the Visual Studio 2008 files. The current version of the SDK does support Visual Studio 2010.

Please see

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
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I have the latest version of the SDK. Still dont see those files. My program is written in C#. Do i still have to include those modules? If so than can i use the VS100's?

Hi, my name is Norm Chou and I'm a techincal marketing engineer for AppUp. I help develpoer push apps into the store and assit with general troubleshooting.

Support informed me you had some questions regarding the SDK and your C# application.

You shouldn't need to use those modules unless your apps requires them. Since you app it .NET, you only need to include the AdpLibrary resource file in your project.

I can help you more if you email me at

I have some screen shots and a sample app that should make it more clear to you.


Thanks for the help. My issue has been solved.

Great to hear this and Thanks for the basic Info.

Rama Chandra,
Ravali Technologies.

Hai Mr. norman.chou,
                                           I would like to know whether, My MSI made out of Advanced Installer 10.3 needs  Microsoft_VC90_CRT_x86.msm, Microsoft_VC90_DebugCRT_x86.msm for Atom Processors. I made this MSI using One dat file and exe, Would you please tell me , how it is possible to give protection or anti copying facility for this two file, Exe drives the dat file, Both are installed on Windows drive, Comment.

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