Moving target... of MAC

Moving target... of MAC

Hello Forum, Intel's Starter kit on Intel's Atom Processor E660 (Tunnel Creek) family operating with 1.3 GHz clock speed with 512K cache in 32bit mode with max threads 2. CPU operates under 32bit instructions code with embedded options available. Currently I am using MeeGo OS which is based Open Linux Image My immediate problem is continuously shifting MAC address on the board, every time I am resetting the board I get completely NEW MAC address board hence, therefore I cannot USE setup of PXE server or (TFT). I need to boot this starter kit with similar Kernel 2.6.37 from our server just to test few application which developed using QT. IS there anybody knew how to restrict, stop these behavior of changing MAC address of Meego OS or Board itself? A successful TFT boot operation on board to initiate its boot process from remote require fix MAC address on Booting work station. Thanks in advance Shy
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Hi Shy,

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