part of my Encapsulated app doesn't work, any way to see Dev console or debug?

part of my Encapsulated app doesn't work, any way to see Dev console or debug?

I'm new to Encapsulator and can't find any docs which can tell me what to do if my converted app simply doesn't work... Actually my app is working and looking as I designed it, but there is something missing in it. I have webworker script which started by button push. And then I push that button in encapsulated app - nothing happens. It worked in Chrome (with --allow-file-access-from-files switch). So what can I do to see the logs or something?
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Faced the same issue with everything related to ajax and files-to-files requests.
The encapsulator works like Chrome without --allow-file-access-from-files switch (and fails due the Access Controll Allow Origin policies).

I reported it here ( concerning directly GET requests between pages, but didn't get any usefull answer. I've also had the same issue while attempting to load scripts (not as web workers in my case).

The only solution I have for the moment is to generate the package myself using the QtSDK from Nokia and QtWebkit and then generating an RPM for MeeGo (no idea how to generate a MSI file with that but it should be possible). Another option could be the MeeGo SDK, but I didn't try it.

Anyway, that would be really helpfull if Intel updates its encapsulator to allow using ajax and file-to-file access.

Best Regards.

A. Delcasse

Thanks for the info.
If Intel wants developers to use encapsulator, all this doesn't seems right...

I agree with that. That's a nightmare to use the encapsulator to make things more complex than just displaying few things on the screen (end even displaying things using ajax requests is not possible ...).

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