programming visual C#

programming visual C#

so i want to start programming apps in c# what sdk do i need for visual C# 2010 express? are their any guides? do i just install the sdk and just start programming in visual C# 2010 express? As you can see im new to this..
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(1) Download SDK for .NET (now is Version 1.1.2)
(2) Download the Intel AppUp™ SDK Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE Plug-in (1.1.5) (PS: this is an option, your can write code for AppUp without this plug-in)
(3) For .Net Developer, you can choose Visual Basic 2008/2010 or Visual C# 2008/2010.
(4) There are no "Setup Project" in Visual Studio Express version , so you need find out other ways to build setup package.Like Wix, in this blog introduced how to use Wix in Visual Studio Express, and you can download Wix and it's manual here
(5) There are a lot of videos about AppUp Application develop ,
(6) You should read Intel AppUp Software Development Kit API Reference for .NET technology ,
(7) Packaging Requirements :
(8) Intel AppUp℠ Developer Program Application/Component Suitability and Validation Guidelines:

Wow thanks so much! That's everything I needed. Any good advice for a beginner?


The next best advice is to come back here and ask as many questions as needed as you work through your development and submission. Best of luck!

Hi Daven1919,

For packaging have a look at this post

Hope this helps.


hey i have visual studio 2010
do i have to download other SDK to start

For IADP, You need download SDK 1.1.2 for .NET.

Microsoft Visual C# is a programming environment used to create computer applications for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. It combines the C# language and the .NET Framework.
Microsoft Visual C# is available in two options. It can be used from Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express. It is also available as a member of Microsoft Visual Studio.
This web site provides lessons and topics on how to create graphical applications using Microsoft Visual C#.
To follow the lessons on this web site, you can use either Microsoft Visual C# Express or Microsoft Visual Studio. The former is freely available. You can download it from the Microsoft web site.

Learn C# step by step , follow this link


The standard intel appup sdk will be fine. Free to download. We have it workong on 32 and 64 bit machines

HOWEVER it depends on what you are doing with C# Express. If you will eventually need to construct a Setup project to build
an MSI Express won't support this. You can (with some effort and a lot of time) download other versions of Visual Studio as a trial. You can then eventually extend the trial. This will let you build an MSI which is what the Intel validation process expects. You'll also need to get your
code signing arrangements ready.

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