Query related to developing dynamic web pages using Intel App Up.

Query related to developing dynamic web pages using Intel App Up.

Hi Encapsulator team, I want to develop a dynamic web site [The contents keeps on changing frequently] using HTML5, css, java script. My web site also uses some external web services to fetch the information. I want my web site as a native application. So could you please let me know how this can be achieved using Intel App up encapsulator. Also, please confirm if we can use the full MySQL Database server with Encapsulator. With Best Regards, Prashanth Bhat.
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Hello Prashanth,

The Intel AppUp(TM) Encapsulator supports HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Ajax applications, as well as older HTML versions. You may check regularly our HTML5 feature compatibility section to see the latest HTML5 features supported by Encapsulator: HTML5 feature compatibility for Intel AppUp Encapsulator 2.0 Alpha

The Intel AppUp(SM) developer program has launched a new tool called the HTML5 Playground. The HTML5 Playground provides developers with a web based code editor, and a library of sample code and snippets to use as starting points for creating HTML5 based apps. To launch the HTML5 Playground, please visit: Introducing the HTML5* Playground

Moreover, you can find more information about how to provide a browser environment for you application (by enabling HTML5 with WebKit) through Intel AppUp Encapsulator: AppUp Encapsulator – enabling HTML5 with WebKit

I’m sure that “Developing HTML5 Applications for AppUp* Series” would be of great background knowledge for the development of your application:

Lastly but not least, HTML5 provides four different types of Storage of data on a local client's machine. This article will provide you more ideas about how to integrate a database storage system into your application: HTML5 Local Storage

Additionally, I suggest checking the following link, since a similar question was posted before: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/forums/how-can-i-submit-and-validate-my-webapp-when-it-requires-login-which-use-mysql


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