Reject -- Resubmit question.

Reject -- Resubmit question.

The case: My app was rejected because of issues on my website (yes, they are checking your site too, if there is a link to the site within the app, which is good idea); I fixed the site. Ready to resubmit... But wait! There is no way to resubmit without uploading new binary. Why? There is no way to upload new binary without changing the version. Why? In that particular case there is no new binary. No new version. Just wasting my time: repack, change version, upload, betatest, re-submit to the validation queue. Why?
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Hello Vlad,

you're absolutely right: I had the same issue already myself, too.

But I didn't care about the version number in this case:
so I just added a ".1" at the version number (instead of e. g. "1.2.1" that would be the correct version, I submitted "" then) and just uploaded the exactly same binary (version 1.2.1) again.

Best regards

Yes, I did the same going from to and was able to resubmit. May be in future they can adopt a way to fix external issues without reuploading but I can see the point of the validation team too -- they may want to be sure there are changes made in the app instead of allowing someone to click "submit" again and again without fixing the code...

Helo Vlad,

yes, you're right.

But at least the change of the version number if the software was not released to public yet (as it failed validation), makes not much sense.

Best regards

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