Status changed from our company to Intel

Status changed from our company to Intel

Hi, In an unusual event the Employment status of one of our employees is shown as INTEL EMPLOYEE. The details are: Bio For Nilotpal Datta (INTEL EMPLOYEE) User Points 15809 Member for : 1 year 19 Weeks Badges: Brown Belt (DOWNGRADED FROM RED BELT TO RED BELT) The change of employment status from MCC E Solution to Intel is being seen only on Nilotpal's Dashboard, as of now. The change took place on 29th March 2012. Can anybody help? Thanks in Advance Jayant Akolkar
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Hi Jayant,

Thanks for flagging this to us.
I'd be more than happy to look into this for you, however I may need some more information to do the investigation.
Please can you tell me where exactly are you seeing this 'status'? If you can send us screenshot, that would be great.
For privacy and security reasons I would advise you to send these details using our contact us form ( I will then get your email, investigate and get back to you.


Intel AppUp(SM) developer program
Intel AppUp(SM) center

DG Rooven

Hi Rooven & Jayant,

The problem looks to be fix now.

Thanks & Regards,
Nilotpal Datta
Mcc E-Solution

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