Submitting an app with a recent Linux browser

Submitting an app with a recent Linux browser

Hello, How to submit an app with a recent Linux browser ? I tried to submit an application using Firefox7.0.1 (with Moonlight to have Silverlight support) and it didn't work. Google Gears is compatible with Firefox 1.5-3.6 only. Do I really have to downgrade (if even possible to downgrade to such a low version) Firefox in order to submit an application ? Is there a solution to be able to finally submit something without buying Windows (better not submitting anything ;)) ? Best Regards. Arnaud
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Hello Arnaud,

if you don't want to downgrade to Firefox 3.6, you could also just use Google Chrome. That probably should work with Google Gears, too.

Best regards


Thanks for the answer. I tried with Chromium and it didn't work. When I look at Google Gears website, it's written (for Linux) :

System requirements

Linux (details)
32-bit OS (64-bit not supported)
Firefox 1.5-3.6

My laptop's OS is 32-bit so I'm lucky but I don't think it works with Google Chrome (it's sure that it doesn't with Chromium at least). By the way, Google Gears will be "deprecated and no longer available" by December 2011 ( ... in 1 month. That's not a viable solution.

Finally, for people (Intel) pushing us to HTML5 (I prefered Qt, but it's not the trend anymore -thanks to politics-), it would be nice to implement the HTML5 FileAPI and respect standards.

For my concern only, I submitted my app from work, so it's OK now. Hopefully I won't have to submit things during my vacations ;)

Best Regards

A. Delcasse

(Just another question : why was this moved here ??? We can want to submit for Windows store from Linux : that's not MeeGo-related)

Hi Arnaud,

I moved it over here to gain exposure to the Linux developer community. I will move it back if you like.

Hal G.
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I just asked as I didn't see why it concerned (directly, apart from the fact that I was trying to submit a MeeGo app in my case ;)) MeeGo.
But actually, I don't really care, juste wanted to know the reason ;)

something (worse?) is planned :

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