Updated: Testing Multi-Language Apps in Windows and Meego* Clients

Updated: Testing Multi-Language Apps in Windows and Meego* Clients

Apps (on both Windows and MeeGo* platforms) can be published in several languages. Before publishing, you will need to test your apps with the Intel AppUp(SM) Center language pack. With the Intel AppUp(SM) Center language pack you can to test your non-English Windows apps in the 3.1 client. Your Meego* apps can be tested in the MeeGo* Netbook client. Here's how:

Developing Windows apps? Follow these steps

  • Download and install the English version of the Intel AppUp(SM) Center from: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/article/testing-multi-language-apps-intel-appup-center
  • Login as the Beta Tester
  • Click on your username in the client and navigate to the preferences tab. Select the language you want from the language preferences
  • Find your app under My Apps
  • My Apps will show you all the apps that you submitted as supporting that language - e.g. If you submitted a French app, change the Intel AppUp(SM) center language to French, then you app can be found under My Apps.
  • Checkout the description, etc, to verify it displays as you expected
  • Install your app. Check the Developer Guidelines to ensure that it meets those needs.

Developing MeeGo apps? Follow these steps.

More instructions at: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/article/testing-multi-language-apps-intel-appup-center

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