Use Visual Studio standard debugger

Use Visual Studio standard debugger

Hi all! :) I've just downloaded the SDK for .NET and the Visual Studio plug-in. When I run the application to debug it, the Intel AppUp Software Debugger opens, and if the application crashes, it simply closes and the error log is saved in an xml file. Personally I find it very uncomfortable, and I would prefer to use the standard Visual Studio debugger that, when an exception occurs, it pauses the application and shows the message inside the IDE. Is it possible? If yes, how do I do it? Thank you in advanced for your help! :)
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you can remark everything about IADP SDK in your codes, after you test all of your functions then re-add codes about IADP SDK.

Hello K1kk0z90,

or you just don't install the Visual Studio plug-in at all just like me:
I don't see the reason why that's necessary: If I need the Intel AppUp Software Debugger, I can run it manually - therefore no plug-in is needed and you won't have any debugging issues this way.

Best regards

Thank you very much! :)

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