Welcome to our Tizen forum

Welcome to our Tizen forum

Welcome, to Tizen! Note, there's a lot of information to come and the core place for information will be at www.tizen.org. However with that I'm sure there are a lot of questions, comments and feedback that's appropriate to engage with AppUp as store framework for Tizen Our goal is to be as transparent as possible and typically the forum rules are to stay on topic. At this period however I'm inclined to say let us know what you are thinking, but know if we seem tight lipped it is because stuff is in progress and we'd not want to get out inaccurate information. So shoot away! As the architecture documentation, developer guides, tools and SDK information start to come in, we will likely shift this forum focus to a more traditional support forum for application development. So there you go. Let us know your thoughts about Tizen
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Is there a ISO to test it out on devices? When will it be avaliable? I really want to see how it looks and feels acrost different devices to know how simply and easy it supports things.

@ benhacked

According to the official Tizen web site: "We expect the first release of Tizen and its SDK in the first quarter of 2012".

It seems like we need to wait a little bit more in order to get the first ISO images of this project.


I'm really interested in what Tizen architecture will be, will it use Wayland and etc. But if this info is still closed, can you at least answer if it'll be flexible enough for community to add missing pieces if any (like Qt and etc.)?

Also, even though some Tizen participants are pro open governance, like:

LiMo Foundation™ is a dedicated consortium of mobile industry leaders working together within an open and transparent governance model—with shared leadership and shared decision making

Tizen for some reason doesn't enjoy that benefit. You are making architectural and other important decisions about Tizen secretly, without involving anyone from the community. Is it a thing to be expected for Tizen in general?


@shmerl, this is great feedback. I highly encourage you to participate in the IRC for Tizen https://www.tizen.org/community/irc. Dawn Foster who community managed MeeGo is mangaging that IRC to engage the open source community on contributions to Tizen. You can view the logs here https://www.tizen.org/irclogs/

This is from Tizen.org

Tizen development will be completely open...


"The Tizen project will reside within the Linux Foundation and will be governed by a Technical Steering Group. The Technical Steering Group is the primary decision-making body for the open source project, with a focus on platform development and delivery, along with the formation of working groups to support device verticals."

For me this feels much like Moblin Maemo to MeeGo where it was initially formed by the contributing parties then once formed community contributions were encouraged, with ongoing decisions per things like compliance were done via a steering committee

Per your specific question on Qt from the community there is a good discussion in the IRC log. See discussion starting at 5:25

Keep the questions coming.

I only have 1 question.
Do you know if the Nokia N9 will be updated from MeeGo to Tizen officially?.
Because i think the community will work hard to try port it.


HEROEdelREVES, I think there is no chance for an official port of Tizen to the Nokia N9. Nokia will have no interest in porting Tizen to the N9, and Tizen people don't have to support Nokia hardware (at least officially).
What could be possible is that the Nemo Project (new name for the former MeeGo -N900- Community Edition), based on the Mer project, would be available on the N9 and bring Tizen technologies to it alongside their own Qt/QML base.

Best Regards.

A. Delcasse

Thank you very very much.

Complete newbie question, but here goes:

Can anyone please refer me to some great books on HTML5, i'm already learning HTML4. I went and ask my local library and they cannot seem to find it?

Any ideas?


Been up all night looking around, I found it.

I was lucky to get the books from the Elements show. :) . I've found that to be a very usefull book, it's called. " Pro HTML5 Programming: Powerful API for richer Internet Application Development ". I also find it very usefull to do some searches for websites already useing HTML5 and then looking at how they accomplished the look so you can better understand how it get's used. Anyways.. I'm learning too myself but finding HTML5 to be really cool in the graphical layout type things that can be done.. Anyways. Hope this helps.



can you suggest some *OPEN* html5 communities ?


You might (probably not) recall my post in the development experience simplification; you did reply to that in an encouraging manner, but we had to work on the open-source-community sharability/modularity aspect still a bit more.

Universal Software Development Automation; that brought into the context can help dramatically simplify the Tizen targeting development, and is by no means an alternative but rather an addition to traditional SDK/API based normal development.

Not a framework, not a library, not even a tool (works as is on certain mainstream IDEs). No dependencies; everything within the automation is well controlled by the end-developers themselves. Tizen SDK team could supply the base-examples as automations in addition of traditional sample codes (with very little additional effort).

We have already pushed our own demonstrations on MeeGo/Qt side development simplification/automation.

Let me know if you want to hear more.


Kalle Launiala, CTO of Citrus Solutions

Hi Bob,

I'm new tizen fun and developer. I have to develppe a multimedia application based on tizen platform using the SDK. But i didn't find any documentation for multimedia API specification.

please, help me. where can I find the documentation for multimedia API.


When can we install Tizen and explore development on this platform?


Thanks much for you interest in Tizen. Here is the link to the Tizen developer world



I wrote a HTML5 program for the media player for Tizen. The application will fetch the media files from the memory and have to play the files. After launching the the application it is fetching the files, when I open the files to play it is throwing the error of fake error path.

Can anyone please help me on this issue.Here is the program for the application.

function openFile()
window.location= 'file:///' + document.form.selectedFile.value;

Tizen Player

Currently Tizen issues are not supported from the AppUp Developer program thus not the best resource to support technical questions.

The best resources for Tizen development support is at Tizen.org and thru the IRC discussions made available from that site.

Intel Corp.
Product Support Engineer

Can anyone please tell me how to join the IRC logs in Tizen, so that I can write my problem for discussion...

Hi Chaitanya,

The Tizen irc channels can be found at https://www.tizen.org/community/irc

hello i'm a new developer in Tizen and i need to have some documentation please 

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