Your License can not be validated

Your License can not be validated

I'm getting this error from the license manager on install Your license can not be validated Please check your internet connection and try again I have "" for the GUID as instructed and have tried it with also I've searched around on the error. Two threads on it but no solutions. One thread said it was an incorrect update url but I can't find anything on that. I have uploaded the app but not submitted it for validation. Ideas? Much appreciated Phil
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Hi Phil,

Please check out this thread:

If that does not help, you may want to post the license section of your code.

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Technical Support Team
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Hi Hal,

Thanks but I checked out that thread before posting.

Here's the license section


Sorry I've tried several methods for posting code and none are working for me

I have looked through all the threads, but still can't figure out the issue. Whether I put my guid in that i received from AppUp, or I put in "" for the value, I continue to get "Your license can not be validated. Please check your internet connection and try again". I can get the "skip license check" if i put in "true" in DEBUG_MODE".

I wonder if the problem is because it is trying to contact adobe melrose, which is no longer active? what I have done so far is to simply comment out the following line in my app "licenseManager.checkLicense( this, myGuid, UPDATE_MODE, DEBUG_MODE );".

Then i compiled and the MSI built and I was able to at least get it up on AppUp as a beta to test. I am still waiting for my signed cert, so I have not tried submitting for validation yet. Will the application fail validation with the license manager code removed?

How do I fix this?


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