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2:27 PM PDT
Creating a Hardware Decoder Integrating FFmpeg with MediaCodec for Intel® Atom™-Based Android* Platforms
By Songyue Wang (Intel)Posted 07/14/20141
Download PDF Introduction The electronics market is teeming with a multitude of Android* devices with different versions of the OS and different hardware. As a result, online video ISVs have a difficult time delivering their content. Since Android 4.1+ devices will occupy the market in the futu...
11:17 AM PDT
Meshcentral - Introduction & Overview
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel)Posted 07/03/20140
  Site Links Main site: Information site: Developer blog: Overview Meshcentral is an open source project under Apache 2.0 license that allows administrators to remotely manage computers over the Internet using a single web port...
2:00 PM PDT
CoCos2D for Android* on Intel® Architecture
By VITALIY K. (Intel)Posted 06/10/20140
Cocos2D is a game engine that works with various devices from PCs to smart phones. This engine supports the vast majority of the features needed to make wonderful 2D-based games; it even includes a fully-featured physics engine. A core element of CoCos2D is the use of basic animation primitives...
10:06 AM PDT
Building Dynamic UI for Android* Devices
By Mei-Lin H. (Intel)Posted 03/21/20146
Download Article Download Building Dynamic UI for Android* Devices [PDF 1MB] Abstract What does "Dynamic UI" mean for Android* developers? As an Android app developer, you want the UI of your application to adapt to the dynamic nature of the application content. You also want the UI of your ap...
10:11 AM PST
Introducing Project Anarchy™ - A Free Mobile Game Engine by HAVOK™
By Tao Wang (Intel)Posted 11/27/20132
Project Anarchy is a free mobile game engine for iOS, Android (including X-86), and Tizen. It includes Havok’s Vision Engine along with Havok Physics, Havok Animation Studio and Havok AI. It has an extensible C++ architecture, optimized mobile rendering, a flexible asset management system, and Lu...
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