2 in 1 User Experience

Learn cutting edge UX from our world-class, featured expert, Luke Wroblewski and unlock the incredible capabilities, opportunities and user experiences that 2 in 1 devices can deliver. We'll even show how you can take advantage of our Intel® Developer Zone program resources to design, build, test, and market your application – what more could you ask for!

VideoWhat you will learn

NEW! How To Jump Right Into Input

Whether 2in1, tablet, laptop or phone, users want to get their tasks accomplished as fast as possible - Luke
Wroblewski, shows you some of today's best examples and gives you some great tips.

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Rethink App Design for 2 in 1s

Usability expert, Luke Wroblewski worked with Intel to produce a series of practical short form videos. In the first, Luke examines the incredible opportunities and experiences 2 in 1 devices can deliver.

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Rethink Navigation for 2 in 1s

With the fantastic experiences 2 in 1s can offer, Luke Wroblewski looks at how to consider specific Navigation options and enables us to deliver the best UX possible.

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How to Design for Device Motion

In this video, Luke Wroblewski shows how to leverage every aspect of your 2 in 1s device motion sensors and create truly immersive experiences.

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How to Use Location to Enhance UX

Location data gives developers opportunities to create new and exciting ways to interact with users, and services. Luke Wroblewski gives some tips and tricks to how you can use location detection to take you UX to the next level.

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How to Design for Cross Device Use

Give users the best experience possible across multiple devices. Luke Wroblewski looks at scenarios that highlight how you can take advantage of cross-device development. Learn more in the UX Zone on IDZ.

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How to Manage Multiple Input Types for 2in1s

With 2in1s offering multiple inputs from touch, keyboard , mouse, camera and audio, how do you help your user get the best from them – Once again, Luke Wroblewski shows how you how!

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How to Adjust 2in1 Designs for Wide Screens

Luke Wroblewski gives some great tips on how to design screens for the ever-increasing number of aspect ratios.

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How to Account for Virtual Keyboards with 2in1s

Virtual Keyboards can be very handy, but what happens to your beautiful UI when they cover half your screen? Luke Wroblewski shows you how to avoid all sorts of trouble. Learn more at https://software.intel.com/ux

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How to Ask for App Permissions

What's are the proven, most successful approaches to getting users to grant your app permissions? - Luke Wroblewski shows you how! Visit Intel Software Developer UX Zone!

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