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Threading Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives Image Resize with Intel® Threading Building Blocks
By Jeffrey M. (Intel)Posted 04/08/20150
Threading Intel® IPP Image Resize with Intel® TBB.pdf (157.18 KB) :Download Now   Introduction The Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) library provides a wide variety of vectorized signal and image processing functions. Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) adds simpl...
3:10 AM PDT
Using Intel® IPP threaded static libraries
By Naveen Gv (Intel)Posted 04/08/20152
Q: How to get Intel® IPP Static threaded libraries? Answer: while installing Intel Software suite product (Intel® Parallel Studio or Intel® System Studio or Intel® INDE), select custom installation to get option to select threaded libraries. To select right package of threaded libraries, righ...
5:24 PM PDT
Significant Scalability and Performance Improvement for Intel® MKL PARDISO on SMP Systems
By Zhang Z. (Intel)Posted 04/07/20151
Intel® MKL 11.3 Beta (released in April 2015) contains significant performance and scalability improvements for the direct sparse solver (a.k.a. Intel MKL PARDISO), on SMP systems. These improvements particularly benefit the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors and Intel Xeon processors with large core co...
3:36 PM PDT
Further Vectorization Features of the Intel Compiler - Webinar Code Samples
By Martyn Corden (Intel)Posted 04/06/20150
The code samples for the webinar "Further Vectorization Features of the Intel Compiler" given on 4/7/2015 are attached below. Here are some examples of command lines that may be used to build them. This list is not intended to be complete or to be a tutorial as such, just a guide to things to tr...
12:22 PM PDT
Speeding Up C# Code with Help from VTune™ Amplifier XE Performance Profiler
By MrAnderson (Intel)Posted 04/06/20150
People often wonder how useful VTune Amplifier XE is when profiling managed languages such as Microsoft’s* C#.  I thought I would share my own recent experience. I developed a tool in C# to process the feedback agent log files that amplxe-feedback produces and present the contents in a graphical...
5:10 PM PDT
Easy SIMD through Wrappers
By adminPosted 03/27/20150
SIMD operations are widely used for 3D graphics applications. This tutorial provides new insights into SIMD by comparing SIMD lanes and CPU threads, and steps you through the process of creating a simple, straightforward SIMD implementation in your own code.
4:06 PM PDT
Natural Interaction with Intuitive Computer Control
By adminPosted 03/27/20150
Devices equipped with Intel® RealSense™ technology are able to see and hear the world around them, enabling users to engage more naturally. In this article, Virtual Air Guitar Company (VAGC) and Intel software developers share insights on using Intel RealSense technology to move human-computer in...
3:59 PM PDT
Analyzing Media Workloads Using Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE)
By Leland M. (Intel)Posted 03/27/20150
Verify that your media workload takes full advantage of Intel architecture with the System Analyzer tool included in Intel's Integrated Native Developer Experience (INDE). This tutorial walks through the use of the INDE System Analyzer in a Windows Environment.
1:55 PM PDT
Abaqus/Standard Performance Case Study on Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 Product Family
By Khang N. (Intel)Posted 03/27/20152
Background The whole point of simulation is to model the behavior of a design and potential changes against various conditions to determine whether we are getting an expected response; and simulation in software is far cheaper than building hardware and performing a physical simulation and modif...
10:36 AM PDT
Benefits of Using Intel® Software Development Emulator
By Khang N. (Intel)Posted 03/26/20150
Introduction New Intel processors introduce enhanced instruction set extensions to improve performance or strengthen security of an application.  Instruction set extensions like Intel AVX1 and AVX21 are used to improve performance and Intel SHA2 instructions are used for SHA acceleration to incr...
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