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6:40 PM PST
Descriptor Codes and Parameters for ippi Functions
By Naveen Gv (Intel)Posted 02/13/20110
This article explains the descriptor codes and Parameters used for Intel IPP functions with prefix ippi.
3:13 AM PST
How to find active speech level (audio level) using Intel® IPP function?
By Naveen Gv (Intel)Posted 02/04/20111
Intel IPP function will help you to find audio level(active speech level)
2:10 PM PDT
Threading methodology resources
By om-sachan (Intel)Posted 10/22/20100
OS see two processor while there is a single processor in HT m/c. In multi core box, there are two ore more processor packaged in a single chip or multiple chips. The OS uses multiprocessing and multi-threading techniques to use the capabilities of these
6:16 AM PST
Intel® Debugger (IDB) for Linux* - Problems when opening the Online Help
By hubert-haberstock (Intel)Posted 03/01/20101
Online Help not accessible from the Help > Help Contents menu
9:31 AM PDT
Intel® Professional Edition Compilers 11.1 Fixes List
By Elizabeth S (Intel)Posted 09/18/20090
This page lists fixes that have been made in Intel Professional Edition Compilers 11.1.
6:49 PM PDT
What is the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) for the Intel Tools?
By Ronald W Green (Intel)Posted 07/31/200911
When shipping the Intel Compiler or its redistributable libraries or other Intel tools you need to contact Intel through Premier Support or Forums at to get the current ECCN.
1:58 PM PDT
Using the VTune™ Performance Analyzer Sampling Collector for Intel® Atom™ Processor based devices
By Posted 07/30/20090
The Intel® Application Software Development Tool Suite for Intel® Atom™ Processor includes a full featured Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer for Linux* and it also includes a sampling collector for local target data sampling.
2:54 PM PDT
Where would the message catalogue files go
By om-sachan (Intel)Posted 04/28/20090
The user need to set the NLSPATH template variable when installing the message catalogue files on their own.
2:06 PM PST
GNU compatibility: alignof applied to packed fields
By Posted 12/24/20080
The __alignof is being applied to packed fields.
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