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5:21 PM PST
Static Analysis and Intel® C++ Compilers Webinar Q&A
By adminPosted 01/24/20111
Q&A from Webinar "Static Analysis and Intel® C++ Compilers" (part of Technical Session Series, Presented by Dmitry Petunin)
2:27 PM PST
Parallel Studio Getting Started Demo Video
By Elizabeth S (Intel)Posted 01/20/20115
This is a screen capture video showing how to get started with Intel® Parallel Studio. It follows along with the Parallel Studio Getting Started Guide, showing how to parallelize, inspect, and tune the NQueens-ParallelStudio sample application.
4:45 AM PST
Comparing the command-line interface of Intel® Parallel Inspector 2011 and Intel® Inspector XE 2011
By vladimir-tsymbal (Intel)Posted 12/18/20100
Command-line Interface is intended to help a user in accelerating routine work while collecting the correctness data. Both products, Inspector and Inspector XE, provide CLI functionality, but in a vastly different volume.
7:23 AM PST
Intel Parallel Studio Technical Presentations
By Elizabeth S (Intel)Posted 12/03/20100
Intel Parallel Studio Evaluation Technical Presentations are for customers getting started with Intel Parallel Studio to see a brief live presentation/demo and get answers to questions encountered using Intel Parallel Studio.
8:38 AM PDT
Support for Intel® Cilk™ Plus in Intel® Parallel Inspector 2011
By Shannon Cepeda (Intel)Posted 10/25/20100
Details support for Intel® Cilk™ Plus in Intel® Parallel Inspector
11:38 AM PDT
How to analyze an application without having a Visual Studio* project
By vladimir-tsymbal (Intel)Posted 09/03/20101
How to use Amplifier or Inspector on an .exe without a Visual Studio project.
6:18 PM PDT
Installation Error "HelpLibAgent.exe has stopped working" When Installing or Uninstalling Intel Parallel Studio 2011
By Jennifer J. (Intel)Posted 09/01/20100
When installing or uninstalling Intel® Parallel Studio 2011 on a system with Microsoft* Visual Studio 2010*, you may see the error message "HelpLibAgent.exe has stopped working": Select "Close the program" to continue. This error does not prevent the installation or uninstallation of Intel Parall...
10:18 AM PDT
Using the Microsoft* debug heap manager with memory error analysis of Intel® Parallel Inspector
By Eric W Moore (Intel)Posted 05/13/20100
Insight and recommendations to using memory error analysis of Intel Parallel Inspector with the Microsoft C Runtime’s debug heap manager, which by default enables dialogue boxes such as HEAP CORRUPTION DETECTED, and tracks memory usage.
2:04 PM PDT
Threading Methodology: Principles and Practices
By adminPosted 04/30/20100
Introduction Today's operating systems strive to make the most efficient use of a computer's resources. Most of this efficiency is gained by sharing the machine's resources among several tasks (multi-tasking). This "large-grained" resource sharing is enabled by all operating systems without any a...
4:21 AM PST
Why Parallel Inspector does not detect obvious data race
By vladimir-tsymbal (Intel)Posted 12/29/20090
There are some corner cases when obvious data race problem is not detected on the reasonable levels of analysis intrusiveness. One of such cases is considered in the article.
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