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8:38 AM PDT
Support for Intel® Cilk™ Plus in Intel® Parallel Inspector 2011
By Shannon Cepeda (Intel)Posted 10/25/20100
Details support for Intel® Cilk™ Plus in Intel® Parallel Inspector
11:38 AM PDT
How to analyze an application without having a Visual Studio* project
By vladimir-tsymbal (Intel)Posted 09/03/20101
How to use Amplifier or Inspector on an .exe without a Visual Studio project.
10:18 AM PDT
Using the Microsoft* debug heap manager with memory error analysis of Intel® Parallel Inspector
By Eric W Moore (Intel)Posted 05/13/20100
Insight and recommendations to using memory error analysis of Intel Parallel Inspector with the Microsoft C Runtime’s debug heap manager, which by default enables dialogue boxes such as HEAP CORRUPTION DETECTED, and tracks memory usage.
2:04 PM PDT
Threading Methodology: Principles and Practices
By adminPosted 04/30/20100
Introduction Today's operating systems strive to make the most efficient use of a computer's resources. Most of this efficiency is gained by sharing the machine's resources among several tasks (multi-tasking). This "large-grained" resource sharing is enabled by all operating systems without any ...
4:21 AM PST
Why Parallel Inspector does not detect obvious data race
By vladimir-tsymbal (Intel)Posted 12/29/20090
There are some corner cases when obvious data race problem is not detected on the reasonable levels of analysis intrusiveness. One of such cases is considered in the article.
4:12 AM PST
Annoying error of Uninitialized Memory Access
By vladimir-tsymbal (Intel)Posted 12/29/20090
While analyzing a huge project with Intel® Parallel Inspector a user may get a lot of Uninitialized Memory Access errors which might considered as a false positives. In some cases these errors do not reflect the real problem in the might be annoying.
7:56 PM PDT
Do not use VTuneAPI in Intel® Parallel Inspector for selective code checking
By Peter Wang (Intel)Posted 10/08/20090
Technical notes for Intel® Parallel Inspector
2:02 AM PDT
Use command line in Intel® Parallel Inspector
By Peter Wang (Intel)Posted 09/18/20092
Tips for using command line in Intel® Parallel Inspector
1:43 PM PDT
A Quick Peek Under the Hood of Intel® Parallel Inspector (Memory Checking)
By Levent (Intel)Posted 08/21/20091
In this article I’ll focus on the leak detection and memory checker technologies and will show what is happening under the hood. Intel® Parallel Inspector tracks all memory allocations and accesses using a binary instrumentation tool called Pin.
11:34 AM PDT
How to debug or isolate or fix IDE integration issues
By Jennifer J. (Intel)Posted 07/16/20091
For Intel C++ Compiler for Windows Professional's IDE integration If for some reason you do not see the new toolbar from the Intel C++ Compiler, you can try following to fix the problem. The IDE integration of Intel C++ Compiler is installed under <install-dir>\Compiler\VS Integration\C++\....
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