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11:30 AM PDT
The Key to Scaling Applications for Multicore Webinar Questions and Answers
By Corey Alsamariae (Intel)Posted 07/01/20090
During “The Key to Scaling Applications for Multicore” webinar, May, 5, by Paul Peterse and Mark Davis we received the following questions and we thought we share them with you
11:53 PM PDT
Two tips for Intel® Parallel Inspector and Intel® Parallel Amplifier
By Peter Wang (Intel)Posted 05/25/20090
Tips for Intel® Parallel Inspector and Intel® Parallel Amplifier
7:36 PM PDT
How to determine the version of Intel® Parallel Inspector installed on your system
By adminPosted 04/22/20090
•         Determine the version of Intel® Parallel Inspector by using the user interface: In all versions of Intel Parallel Inspector, click About Microsoft Visual Studio on the Help menu. In the Installed Products box, scroll down to Intel Parallel Inspector. The product and build number informa...
2:25 PM PDT
How to troubleshoot if Microsoft* Visual Studio integration with Intel® Parallel Inspector does not work and the controls are not visible or exposed properly
By Ravi V. (Intel)Posted 04/21/20090
Problem : You have successfully installed Intel® Parallel Amplifier (or any Intel® Parallel Studio tools) but the toolbar for Parallel Amplifier (or whatever Parallel Studio tool(s) you installed) does not appear in Visual Studio.Environment : Microsoft* Visual Studio* versions that have installe...
10:18 AM PDT
Removing a Suppression Rule in Inspector
By Jayant Desouza (Intel)Posted 04/02/20090
Once a Suppression Rule is entered, the corresponding Observations and Problems will no longer show up on subsequent runs. Here's how to delete or remove the suppression rule(s).
2:18 PM PDT
Locating files for source drill-down in Intel® Parallel Inspector
By robert-reedPosted 03/30/20090
Copying your build files to a test machine need not disconnect you from source files if you set the proper fields within the Intel Parallel Inspector configuration properties to avoid "Source is not available" message.
11:17 AM PST
Installation of Intel® Parallel Inspector on non-English Windows* Operating Systems
By adminPosted 01/21/20090
Please refer to /en-us/articles/installation-of-intel-parallel-amplifier-on-non-english-operating-systems
5:52 PM PST
How to use Intel® Parallel Inspector with application compiled with symbols but source files are not available
By adminPosted 01/20/20090
This is same as the Intel® Parallel Amplifier. Please refer to /en-us/articles/how-to-use-amplifier-with-application-compiled-with-symbols-but-source-files-are-not-available
4:05 PM PST
What information should I include when reporting an issue with the Intel® Parallel Inspector?
By shwetha-doss (Intel)Posted 01/19/20090
When discussing an issue in a forum post , please be prepared to provide the following information:• If Intel® Parallel Inspector crashes, it should present the following dialog and create a file. Please upload the file to the forum post . • Information about product logs and s...
9:55 AM PST
Compiler Settings for Memory Error Analysis in Intel Parallel Inspector
By Eric W Moore (Intel)Posted 01/19/20090
A list of compiler switches which have impact on Memory Error Analysis in Intel® Parallel Inspector
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