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2:04 PM PDT
Threading Methodology: Principles and Practices
By adminPosted 04/30/20100
Introduction Today's operating systems strive to make the most efficient use of a computer's resources. Most of this efficiency is gained by sharing the machine's resources among several tasks (multi-tasking). This "large-grained" resource sharing is enabled by all operating systems without any a...
4:21 AM PST
Why Parallel Inspector does not detect obvious data race
By vladimir-tsymbal (Intel)Posted 12/29/20090
There are some corner cases when obvious data race problem is not detected on the reasonable levels of analysis intrusiveness. One of such cases is considered in the article.
4:12 AM PST
Annoying error of Uninitialized Memory Access
By vladimir-tsymbal (Intel)Posted 12/29/20090
While analyzing a huge project with Intel® Parallel Inspector a user may get a lot of Uninitialized Memory Access errors which might considered as a false positives. In some cases these errors do not reflect the real problem in the might be annoying.
7:56 PM PDT
Do not use VTuneAPI in Intel® Parallel Inspector for selective code checking
By Peter Wang (Intel)Posted 10/08/20090
Technical notes for Intel® Parallel Inspector
2:02 AM PDT
Use command line in Intel® Parallel Inspector
By Peter Wang (Intel)Posted 09/18/20092
Tips for using command line in Intel® Parallel Inspector
1:43 PM PDT
A Quick Peek Under the Hood of Intel® Parallel Inspector (Memory Checking)
By Levent (Intel)Posted 08/21/20091
In this article I’ll focus on the leak detection and memory checker technologies and will show what is happening under the hood. Intel® Parallel Inspector tracks all memory allocations and accesses using a binary instrumentation tool called Pin.
11:34 AM PDT
How to debug or isolate or fix IDE integration issues
By Jennifer J. (Intel)Posted 07/16/20091
For Intel C++ Compiler for Windows Professional's IDE integration If for some reason you do not see the new toolbar from the Intel C++ Compiler, you can try following to fix the problem. The IDE integration of Intel C++ Compiler is installed under <install-dir>\Compiler\VS Integration\C++\....
4:08 PM PDT
Intel® Parallel Inspector Comparison with Intel® Thread Checker
By MrAnderson (Intel)Posted 07/09/20090
See this chart for a feature comparison of the Intel® Thread Checker and Intel® Parallel Inspector products
11:30 AM PDT
The Key to Scaling Applications for Multicore Webinar Questions and Answers
By Corey Alsamariae (Intel)Posted 07/01/20090
During “The Key to Scaling Applications for Multicore” webinar, May, 5, by Paul Peterse and Mark Davis we received the following questions and we thought we share them with you
11:53 PM PDT
Two tips for Intel® Parallel Inspector and Intel® Parallel Amplifier
By Peter Wang (Intel)Posted 05/25/20090
Tips for Intel® Parallel Inspector and Intel® Parallel Amplifier
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