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2:25 PM PDT
How to troubleshoot if Microsoft* Visual Studio integration with Intel® Parallel Inspector does not work and the controls are not visible or exposed properly
By Ravi V. (Intel)Posted 04/21/20090
Problem : You have successfully installed Intel® Parallel Amplifier (or any Intel® Parallel Studio tools) but the toolbar for Parallel Amplifier (or whatever Parallel Studio tool(s) you installed) does not appear in Visual Studio.Environment : Microsoft* Visual Studio* versions that have installe...
10:18 AM PDT
Removing a Suppression Rule in Inspector
By Jayant Desouza (Intel)Posted 04/02/20090
Once a Suppression Rule is entered, the corresponding Observations and Problems will no longer show up on subsequent runs. Here's how to delete or remove the suppression rule(s).
2:18 PM PDT
Locating files for source drill-down in Intel® Parallel Inspector
By robert-reedPosted 03/30/20090
Copying your build files to a test machine need not disconnect you from source files if you set the proper fields within the Intel Parallel Inspector configuration properties to avoid "Source is not available" message.
11:17 AM PST
Installation of Intel® Parallel Inspector on non-English Windows* Operating Systems
By adminPosted 01/21/20090
Please refer to /en-us/articles/installation-of-intel-parallel-amplifier-on-non-english-operating-systems
5:52 PM PST
How to use Intel® Parallel Inspector with application compiled with symbols but source files are not available
By adminPosted 01/20/20090
This is same as the Intel® Parallel Amplifier. Please refer to /en-us/articles/how-to-use-amplifier-with-application-compiled-with-symbols-but-source-files-are-not-available
9:55 AM PST
Compiler Settings for Memory Error Analysis in Intel Parallel Inspector
By Eric W Moore (Intel)Posted 01/19/20090
A list of compiler switches which have impact on Memory Error Analysis in Intel® Parallel Inspector
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