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12:32 PM PST
2016 Release: What's New in Intel® Media Server Studio
By Surbhi M. (Intel)Posted 02/18/20160
Achieve Real-Time 4K HEVC Encode, Ensure AVC & MPEG-2 Decode Robustness Intel® Media Server Studio 2016 is now available! Faster, dense, high-quality video transcoding just became easier.  With a 1.1x performance and 10% quality improvement in its HEVC encoder, Intel® Media Server Stud...
1:52 PM PST
Evaluating the Power Efficiency and Performance of Multi-core Platforms Using HEP Workloads
By Mike P. (Intel)Posted 11/10/20150
As Moore’s Law drives the silicon industry towards higher transistor counts, processor designs are becoming more and more complex. The area of development includes core count, execution ports, vector units, uncore architecture and finally instruction sets. This increasing complexity leads us to a...
1:42 AM PDT
Intel® System Studio 2016 Update 4 - What's New
By Alexander Weggerle (Intel)Posted 08/28/20150
A summary of what's new in Intel® System Studio 2016. We are looking forward to your questions and feedback. Please don't hesitate to escalate any questions you have or issues you run into. We thank you for helping us to continuously improve Intel® System Studio. Please provide feedback at any time.
3:48 PM PDT
IDF2015 Lab Notes: Getting Your Nexus Player from Shrink-Wrap to Performance and Energy Analysis
By Bill B. (Intel)Posted 08/26/20150
Initially presented as a hands-on lab for Intel Developer Forum 2015 as "SFTL002: Hands-on Lab: Intel® Architecture Based Mobile Device Development Workshop – Featuring Android* TV" the lab instructions are provided here as reference in the hope that they are useful to a wider developer community...
8:42 PM PDT
Benefitting Power and Performance Sleep Loops
By Joe Olivas (Intel)Posted 08/07/20153
This article provides recommendations to improve performance and limit power consumption of multi-threaded applications on multicore processors.
10:30 AM PDT
New, Exciting Media Transcoding Software Capabilities to Showcase at IBC 2015
By Brenda C. (Intel)Posted 08/04/20150
Visit with Intel at IBC in Amsterdam, Sept. 11 to 15 and preview exciting demos of new media software capabilities. With consumer demand exploding for video content and ultra HD TVs, media and video solution providers need to innovate for new, more efficient formats such as HEVC, and brilliant vi...
4:54 PM PDT
Parallel Programming Books
By Mike P. (Intel)Posted 07/09/20150
Use these parallel programming resources and books with your Intel® Xeon® processor and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor family
12:26 PM PDT
Intel® Energy Profiler SoCWatch Samples
By Xiurong Zhu (Intel)Posted 06/29/20150
SoCWatch Sample is a simple numerical computation of Pi designed to demonstrate the impact of CPU operations on the power and energy of any Windows* system. Use this program with Intel® Energy Profiler tutorials to better understand and to improve power management on modern systems.
5:18 PM PDT
Optimizing Power for Interactions between Virus Scanners and Pre-bundled Software
By thomas-pantels (Intel)Posted 06/26/20150
Download PDF Introduction Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Lenovo,Toshiba, Dell, etc. ship their desktop PCs, laptops, and Ultrabook™ devices with software already installed on them (bundled applications) in order to help make their products more appealing to their customers. Most l...
4:26 PM PDT
Prepare for the Future of 4K UHD and HEVC using Intel® Media Server Studio
By Surbhi M. (Intel)Posted 06/16/20150
With videos representing two-third of online traffic and as the complexity of coding standards continue to increase, succeeding in this new world for video solution and content providers requires meeting expectations for quality and delivery, especially as the industry moves to high-efficiency vi...
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