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12:15 PM PDT
Intel® Platform Analysis Library Metrics Framework Release Notes
By Xiurong Zhu (Intel)Posted 04/22/20140
Click "Download Now" below to obtain and view Intel® Platform Analysis Library Metrics Framework release notes.
12:50 PM PDT
Power Management States: P-States, C-States, and Package C-States
By Taylor IoT KiddPosted 04/17/20141
(For a PDF version of this article, download the attachment.) Contents Preface: What, Why and from Where. 1 Chapter 1: Introduction and inquiring minds. 2 Chapter 2: P-States, Reducing power consumption without impacting performance. 3 Chapter 3: Core C-States, The Details. 5 Chapter 4: ...
12:31 PM PDT
Resource Guide for Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor Developers
By Taylor IoT KiddPosted 03/25/20143
This article makes recommendations for how a developer can get up to speed quickly on the Intel® Many Integrated Core (Intel® MIC) Architecture. This is one of three articles: For the Administrator, for the Developer, and for the Investigator. Who is a Developer? Someone who will be programming ...
8:05 AM PST
Intel® Power Gadget
By Mike Yi (Intel)Posted 01/07/201457
Intel® Power Gadget is a software-based power estimation tool enabled for 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processors or newer. It provides real-time processor package power information in watts using energy counters.
9:55 AM PST
Optimizing Hadoop Deployments
By DANIEL F. (Intel)Posted 12/24/20130
This paper provides guidance, based on extensive lab testing conducted at Intel, to help IT organizations plan an optimized infrastructure for deploying Apache Hadoop*.  It includes: Best practices for establishing server hardware specifications level software guidance regarding the operating s...
3:42 PM PST
Optimizing Infrastructure for Workloads in OpenStack-Based Public Cloud Services
By DANIEL F. (Intel)Posted 12/20/20130
This paper examines how business needs translate to infrastructure considerations for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) when building out or enhancing an OpenStack* cloud environment. The paper looks at these requirements and the foundational platform technologies that can support a wide range o...
2:08 PM PST
Accelerating Performance for Server-Side Java* Applications
By DANIEL F. (Intel)Posted 12/20/20130
This paper describes the key architectural advancements of the latest Intel Xeon processors and Intel Atom processor C2000s that are beneficial to Java applications. It also describes some of the techniques and strategies used to optimize JVM software and the benefits those optimizations bring ...
10:56 AM PST
Dec. 2013 Performance Update: Memcached Configuration & Deployment
By DANIEL F. (Intel)Posted 12/20/20130
New benchmark test results update this This Configuration and Deployment Guide which explores designing and building a Memcached infrastructure that is scalable, reliable, manageable and secure. Benchmark tests included the latest Intel Atom and Intel Xeon processor-based microservers and dual-so...
8:01 AM PST
Android* Tutorial: Writing a Multithreaded Application using Intel® Threading Building Blocks
By Vladimir Polin (Intel)Posted 12/12/20130
Recently we posted the “Windows* 8 Tutorial: Writing a Multithreaded Application for the Windows Store* using Intel® Threading Building Blocks”. There we stated that the parallel calculation engine can be ported easily to other mobile or desktop platforms. Android is a good example of such a mobi...
11:48 AM PST
Power Considerations of Web Image Animations
By adminPosted 12/09/20130
Developers have substantially improved the performance and power usage of websites and the browsers themselves in recent years. However, this improvement is limited to the factors that browsers can control. Web developers also have a significant ability to improve the performance and power of the...
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