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10:36 AM PDT
Benefitting Power and Performance Sleep Loops
By JOSEPH O. (Intel)Posted 05/08/20122
by Joe Olivas & Mike Chynoweth Abstract In order to take full advantage of today’s multicore processors, it has become commonplace for software developers to break their work into manageable sizes, and spread the work across several simultaneously running threads in a thread pool. Performance...
10:27 AM PDT
For Ultrabook developers, with great power comes great responsibility
By adminPosted 05/07/20124
This following article was subsidized by Intel and authored by Zebra Partners.Often considered to be the Achille's heel of portable devices, power management has come a long way. The new breed of Ultrabook™ PCs have pushed battery life and thermal design to a new level. We spoke with Dr. Mike Pea...
11:29 AM PDT
Conserving Active Power
By Judy Hartley (Intel)Posted 05/04/20121
This article presents techniques to optimize applications to save power during active use. These techniques include multi-threading, batching of I/0 accesses, and reducing memory bandwidth. Some of the techniques are applicable for general program usage.
10:46 AM PDT
Using Intel® Power Gadget 2.0 to measure the energy performance of a compute-intensive application
By Clay Breshears (Intel)Posted 04/23/20120
Intel® Power Gadget 2.0 is a software-based power estimation tool enabled for Second Generation Intel® Core™ processors.
12:29 PM PDT
Designing Application Software for Energy-efficient Performance
By Mike Pearce (Intel)Posted 04/11/20121
Personal computers are designed to be in processor idle 75% of the time but in fact might more realistically be estimated to be idle in excess of 90% of the time because of the effects of imposed waits for user input, server response, and resource availab
1:18 PM PDT
Energy-Efficient Software Guidelines
By adminPosted 04/05/20121
Download White Paper (PDF) The purpose of this document is to provide energy efficient software guidelines extending the items described in the “Energy-Efficient Software Checklist” document. The guidelines are OS and architecture agnostic except where otherwise noted. The following guidelines fo...
12:13 PM PDT
Energy-Efficient Software Criteria
By adminPosted 04/05/20121
Energy-Efficient Software Criteria Download Software Criteria (PDF) Checklist for creating software applications that is energy-efficient. The checklist is operating system-agnostic except where otherwise noted. Computational Efficiency Loops Minimized the use of tight loops? Converted polling lo...
10:46 AM PDT
Using Intel® Power Checker to measure the energy performance of a compute-intensive application
By Clay Breshears (Intel)Posted 03/15/20121
Intel® Power Checker provides developers with a quick and easy way to evaluate the idle power efficiency of their applications on mobile platforms with Intel® Core™ processor or Intel® Atom™ technology running the Microsoft Windows* operating system.
12:03 AM PDT
Low Power Intel® Architecture for Small Form Factor Devices: Supplemental Information
By adminPosted 03/14/20120
This entry is a supplement to the article Low Power Intel® Architecture for Small Form Factor Devices, by Ram Chary, Pat A. Correia, Raviprakash Nagaraj, and James Song.  Additional technical information presented here was provided by Scott Noble. The attached Microsoft PowerPoint* slides, includ...
10:34 PM PST
PeekMessage: Optimizing Applications for Extended Battery Life
By Dale Taylor (Intel)Posted 03/07/20120
By Dale Taylor Introduction Learn if PeekMessage calls have an impact on battery life in this paper with examples showing alternative code samples and the improvements that can be expected on Windows*.When discussing optimization techniques for applications running on battery powered devices, som...
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