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1:37 PM PDT
Disclosure of H/W prefetcher control on some Intel processors
By Vish Viswanathan (Intel)Posted 09/24/20140
Disclosure of H/W prefetchers control on some Intel processors This article discloses the MSR setting that can be used to control the various h/w prefetchers that are available on Intel processors based on the following microarchitectures: Nehalem, Westmere, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, an...
2:54 PM PDT
Full Pipeline Optimization for Immersive Video in Tencent QQ*
By Colleen Culbertson (Intel)Posted 09/22/20140
Download PDF Abstract Tencent (Tencent Technology Company Ltd) integrated the Intel® Media SDK to optimize performance and reduce power consumption of its video conferencing app, QQ*. The app went from a max resolution of 480p with low frames per second (fps) to 720p resolution at 15-30 fps whi...
2:05 PM PDT
How to use the rdrand engine in OpenSSL for random number generation
By John Mechalas (Intel)Posted 07/30/20140
The OpenSSL* ENGINE API includes an engine specifically for Intel® Data Protection Technology with Secure Key. When this engine is enabled, the RAND_bytes() function will exclusively use the RDRAND instruction for generating random numbers and will not need to rely on the OS's entropy pool for re...
11:17 AM PDT
Meshcentral - Introduction & Overview
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel)Posted 07/03/20140
  Site Links Main site: Information site: Developer blog: Overview Meshcentral is an open source project under Apache 2.0 license that allows administrators to remotely manage computers over the Internet using a single web port...
1:53 PM PDT
Providing Hardware-based Security to Java Applications by leveraging Intel® Identity Protection Technology and Java Cryptography Extensions
By Randal Templeton (Intel)Posted 06/18/20140
Introduction Intel® Identity Protection Technology with public key infrastructure (Intel® IPT with PKI) provides the capability to generate and store RSA private keys directly in hardware. The keys can then be used for cryptographic operations such as creating and verifying digital signatures....
1:56 AM PDT
Using Intel® C++ Composer XE for Multiple Simple Random Sampling without Replacement
By Eugeny Gladkov (Intel)Posted 06/04/20140
Introduction Random sampling is often used when pre- or post-processing of all records of the entire data set is expensive, as in the following examples. When the file of records or database is too large, retrieval cost for one record is too high. In further physical examination of the real-worl...
9:50 AM PDT
Intel® Digital Random Number Generator (DRNG) Software Implementation Guide
By John Mechalas (Intel)Posted 05/14/201423
Revision 2.0 May 15, 2014 Downloads Download Intel® Digital Random Number Generator (DRNG) Software Implementation Guide [PDF 975KB]Download Intel® Digital Random Number Generator software code examples Related Software Download Rdrand manual and library (Linux* and OS X* version)Download Rd...
2:00 PM PST
Intel® Trusted Execution Technology
By Suman A Sehra (Intel)Posted 01/13/20147
Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) provides a hardware- based root of trust to ensure that a platform boots with a known good configuration of firmware, BIOS, virtual machine monitor, and operating system. For more information, please refer to
1:39 PM PDT
By John Mechalas (Intel)Posted 09/26/20130
Downloads Libcryptorandom [PDF 398KB]Libcryptorandom Source Code[ZIP 376KB] Libcryptorandom is a cross-platform library that allows programmers to obtain cryptographically secure random numbers from the best available entropy source on the underlying system. The library frees the programmer from ...
9:35 AM PDT
Intel® Business Client Community Frequently Asked Questions
By Gael Hofemeier (Intel)Posted 09/18/20130
Download Article Download Intel® Business Client Community Frequently Asked Questions [PDF 380KB] Getting Started GeneralTroubleshooting Other Remote Encryption Management Getting Started This section contains answers for those new to the Intel® Manageability and Security Developer Community (no...
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