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2:04 PM PDT
The Customer Journey Funnel: Think 30–3–3–30
By Singh, Niven (Intel)Posted 05/16/20160
Finding and winning over customers is fundamental to the success of any product. Often, new businesses get caught up on the customer acquisition part, trying to find as many people as possible and bring them in the door, but they forget to focus on winning them over. When it comes to apps, that m...
11:18 AM PDT
Make The Most of Your App Listing: Google Play Store Edition
By Singh, Niven (Intel)Posted 05/11/20162
Once your app has launched and is out in the world, its app store listing becomes its “public face”—the place where new potential customers are most likely to see it. The vast majority of Android users still find new apps and games through the Google Play Store, so it’s important to manage this...
4:45 PM PDT
Properly Detecting Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) in Your Applications
By John M. (Intel)Posted 05/06/20166
How does a software developer detect Intel SGX support on a system for application and installer support? Learn the details behind Intel SGX CPU support, management, and reporting.
9:59 AM PDT
Remote Power Management Techniques for Intel® AMT Devices with InstantGo
By Joseph O. (Intel)Posted 04/28/20160
InstantGo creates a low OS power state that requires a different remote power management technique to fully integrate the capabilities. This article explains key operational models.
9:43 AM PDT
MAGIX takes Video Editing to a New Level by Providing HEVC to Broad Users
By Brenda C. (Intel)Posted 04/25/20160
MAGIX's Video Pro X delivers Intel HEVC encoding through Intel® Media Server Studio   While elite video pros have access to high-powered video production applications with bells and whistles available traditionally only to enterprise, MAGIX has taken a broader approach unveiling its latest vers...
12:36 PM PDT
New Comprimato JPEG2000 Codec Now Native for Intel® Media Server Studio
By Brenda C. (Intel)Posted 04/13/20160
New Comprimato JPEG2000 Codec Now Native for Intel® Media Server Studio - New Plugin Delivers High Quality Imagery with Low Latency
2:23 PM PDT
Mobile Viewpoint Delivers HEVC HDR Live Broadcasting with Intel Media Technologies
By Brenda C. (Intel)Posted 04/11/20160
Mobile Viewpoint Delivers HEVC HDR Live Broadcasting running on the latest 6th generation Intel® processors and through using Intel® Media Server Studio - Get Fast, Efficient HEVC Video Encoding
4:12 PM PDT
New, Exciting Intel Media Software Capabilities to Showcase at NAB Show 2016
By Brenda C. (Intel)Posted 03/20/20160
Visit with Intel at NAB (booth SU621) in Las Vegas, Apr.. 18 to 21 and preview exciting demos of new media software capabilities. Get the fastest performance possible for your media processing, without compromising quality. Innovate faster and easier to HEVC,and to 4K - or even 8K. Intel is a wor...
6:02 PM PST
Get Amazing Intel GPU Acceleration for Media Pipelines
By Brenda C. (Intel)Posted 02/22/20160
Online Webinar: Watch the Replay Media application developers unite! Accessing the heterogeneous capabilities of Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon® processors1 unlocks amazing opportunities for faster performance utilizing some of the most disruptive and rapidly improving aspects of Intel processor d...
11:52 PM PST
Video Transcode Solutions: Simple, Fast, Efficient - Webinar
By Brenda C. (Intel)Posted 11/01/20150
Video Transcode Solutions: Simple, Fast, Efficient - Online Webinar - Excel with Intel in delivering live and on-demand video faster, more efficiently, and at higher quality through the latest media acceleration technologies. Get the most performance from your media platform, and accelerate to 4K...
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