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7:43 PM PDT - Now with Intel AMT certificate activation
By Ylian S. (Intel)Posted 08/15/20130
I just added certificate based Intel AMT cloud activation support (TLS-PKI) in that works behind NAT’s and HTTP proxies, uses a reusable USB key and makes use of Intel AMT one-time-password (OTP) for improved security. Ok, let’s back up a little. Computers with Intel AMT need t...
11:22 PM PDT
Call site dependence for SIMD-enabled functions in C++
By Anoop M. (Intel)Posted 08/13/20130
Introduction Elemental function is tool for explicit vectorization which shipped as a part of Intel(R) Cilk(TM) Plus package. Many loops in the real world applications consist of function call inside the loop body. Often these function calls are to user defined functions and if there is no vector...
4:37 PM PDT
The future of authentication and transactions over the web (Part 1)
By Jose DamicoPosted 06/18/20130
Banks and the payment industry have realized long ago that knowledge is not enough to confirm money transactions through the web. Even apparently strong techniques such as tokens and smartcards have been facing the challenge to deal with Malware and Hacker attacks. Then, to avoid blind signing, i...
9:13 AM PDT
Intel® AMT 9.0 Start Here Guide
By Gael H. (Intel)Posted 06/13/20136
This article will help you get started with implementing Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT).
1:50 PM PDT
Intel® Small Business Advantage
By Ajith Illendula (Intel)Posted 05/29/20130
Download PDF Intel SBA Integration Guide [98 KB] Introduction Intel® Small Business Advantage (Intel® SBA) provides an out-of-the-box, hardware-based security and productivity suite designed for small business users. Intel SBA includes a customizable user interface and several bundled Intel appli...
3:42 PM PDT
Intel® Identity Protection Technology with PKI - Technology Overview
By Jeff Kataoka (Intel)Posted 03/19/20130
Corporate enterprise, government entities, healtcare and more are looking to add additional security to protect access to their network and business information. Intel® Identity Protection Technology on the latest PCs with Intel® Core® vPro™ processor can be combined with authentication security ...
9:56 PM PST
Deeper Levels of Security with Intel® Identity Protection Technology - White paper
By Jeff Kataoka (Intel)Posted 02/26/20131
White Paper: Deeper Levels of Security with Intel® Identity Protection Technology With the latest release in 2012 of Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) introduced additional capabilities beyond the initial one-time password (OTP) solutions embedded in silicon and provided an exten...
12:57 PM PST
Technology Brief: Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT)
By Jeff Kataoka (Intel)Posted 02/22/20130
Safeguard Sensitive Information with Intel® Identity Protection Technology ( Intel® IPT ) Guarding personal identities and online accounts has become a major concern for consumers, business, government and institution as the threat from hackers and malware grows.  Creating a simple, strong and s...
4:21 PM PST
A Matrix Multiplication Routine that Updates Only the Upper or Lower Triangular Part of the Result Matrix
By Zhang, Zhang (Intel)Posted 02/14/20131
Background Intel® MKL provides the general purpose BLAS*  matrix multiply routines ?GEMM defined as follows: C := alpha*op(A)*op(B) + beta*C where alpha and beta are scalars, op(A) is an m-by-k matrix, op(B) is a k-by-n matrix, C is an m-by-n matrix, with op(X) being either X, or XT, or XH. In t...
4:39 PM PST
Introduction to the Intel MKL Extended Eigensolver
By Zhang, Zhang (Intel)Posted 02/12/20130
Intel® MKL 11.0 Update 2 introduced a new component called Extended Eigensolver routines. These routines solve standard and generalized Eigenvalue problems for symmetric/Hermitian and symmetric/Hermitian positive definite sparse matrices. Specifically, these routines computes all the Eigenvalue...
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