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Drive the Future of Small-Business Software, on Every Platform
By adminPosted 09/03/20120
The Intel® Developer Zone helps you deliver game-changing solutions-from portable apps to server software-for small businesses that will drive your success forward. Small businesses in all industries must strive to maximize the value from their technology investments, and that creates opportunit...
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Delivering Software Innovation for the Enterprise
By adminPosted 09/03/20120
The Intel® Developer Zone helps developers take optimal advantage of the innovations built into Intel® architecture-based platforms of all shapes and sizes. Comprehensive resources help software makers deliver new functionality to the enterprise and achieve a competitive advantage. Competition in...
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Business PC Security for IT Pros
By Paul Steinberg (Intel)Posted 08/20/20120
Today’s IT departments must deal with not only the need to deliver an increasingly complex set of services but also the responsibility to protect the organization as a whole from escalating security threats. Intel® vPro™ technology delivers advanced performance to meet rigorous service-level requ...
9:51 AM PDT
User Manual for the Rdrand Library (Windows* Version)
By John M. (Intel)Posted 08/08/201212
Download Source KB)  About This is the Rdrand Library, a project designed to bring the rdrand instruction to customers who would traditionally not have access to it.The new "rdrand" instruction is available at all privilege levels to any programmer. Unfortunately, ...
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Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard (Intel® AES) Instructions Set - Rev 3.01
By Shay Gueron (Intel)Posted 08/02/201214
Intel® AES instructions are a new set of instructions available beginning with the Intel® Core™ processor family. These instructions enable fast and secure data encryption and decryption, using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
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Overcoming performance obstacles in data encryption
By adminPosted 08/02/20120
Download article (PDF)Data security breaches can be disastrous for any organization. Unauthorized access to stored credit card numbers, patient information, intellectual property, or other sensitive information can cost businesses and their customers money, ruin reputations, and jeopardize compli...
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New Processor Instructions for Accelerating Encryption and Authentication Algorithms
By Shay Gueron (Intel)Posted 07/30/20120
Download article (PDF)Abstract: We present a new set of processor instructions for accelerating Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption and decryption, and for accelerating AES-Galois Counter mode (AES-GCM) authenticated encryption. Four instructions are used for accelerating AES, and a fif...
9:45 AM PDT
By Gael H. (Intel)Posted 07/26/20120
Starting in 2010 with the Intel® Core™ processor family based on the 32nm Intel® microarchitecture, Intel introduced a set of new AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) instructions. This processor launch brought seven new instructions.
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Performance Impact of Intel® Secure Key on OpenSSL
By John M. (Intel)Posted 07/24/20122
The goal of this paper is to demonstrate the performance gains obtained when using the Intel® Secure Key in applications that depend on OpenSSL* for cryptographically secure random numbers.
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Download the Latest Intel® Digital Random Number Generator Software Implementation Guide
By Jeffrey Rott (Intel)Posted 07/23/201214
Intel® Digital Random Number Generator Software Implementation Guide
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