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3:03 PM PDT
Intel® AMT Quick Reference
By Jeffrey Rott (Intel)Posted 05/09/20121
What’s New with AMT? A lot of great new information has been created with the recent release of AMT 8.1. This page will serve as aquick reference point to get up to speed on the latest information to help with your 8.1 development needs. Read the Blogs. Watch the Videos. Grab the latest Downloa...
12:35 PM PDT
Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) Software Development Kit (SDK) documentation
By Jeffrey Rott (Intel)Posted 05/09/20122
A complete HTML-based version of the Intel® AMT Documentation included with the SDK is available in a standalone version.Intel® AMT SDK Documentation Books Active Platform Management Demystified describes the manageability and security features in PCs equipped with Intel® vPro™ Technology whic...
10:27 AM PDT
Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) Software Development Kit (SDK) Start Here Guide
By Gael H. (Intel)Posted 04/25/201212
Introduction This document contains information that aids developers in getting started with implementing Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). It provides an overview of the features in various versions of Intel® AMT, as well as information on minimum system requirements, how to conf...
3:29 PM PDT
Manageability Developer Tool Kit Source Code
By adminPosted 04/13/20125
License Agreement IMPORTANT - READ BEFORE COPYING, INSTALLING OR USING. . End User License Agreement for the Manageability Developer Tool KitCopyright © 2008-2011 Intel Corporation All rights reserved. INTEL SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT ------------------------------------------------------...
3:25 PM PDT
Manageability Developer Tool Kit Binary
By adminPosted 04/13/20129
License Agreement IMPORTANT - READ BEFORE COPYING, INSTALLING OR USING.End User License Agreement for theManageability Developer Tool KitCopyright © 2008-2011 Intel CorporationAll rights reserved.INTEL SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT -------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT - R...
2:47 PM PDT
Improved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Crypto performance on Java* with NSS using Intel® AES-NI Instructions
By Aleksey Ignatenko (Intel)Posted 04/06/20126
BACKGROUND Security is a very important aspect of our everyday life. Internet expansion into most human existence reveals the need for additional security for both existing and future applications. Though crypto code solves a lot of security issues it can also introduce noticeable and sometimes f...
10:46 AM PDT
Using Intel® Power Checker to measure the energy performance of a compute-intensive application
By Clay B.Posted 03/15/20121
Intel® Power Checker provides developers with a quick and easy way to evaluate the idle power efficiency of their applications on mobile platforms with Intel® Core™ processor or Intel® Atom™ technology running the Microsoft Windows* operating system.
10:55 PM PDT
Intel® AMT Remote Wake Methods from Companion Devices
By Ray Richardson (Intel)Posted 03/13/20120
Introduction This white paper describes how Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) may be used to perform remote wake functions to wake a PC from a companion device such as an Intel® Atom™ based tablet. We will look at two different topologies for performing remote wake and discuss the...
11:44 PM PST
Remote Configuration for Intel® AMT
By Matthew GillespiePosted 03/05/20120
With the release of Intel® Active Management Technology 3.0, network administrators no longer have to physically visit business PCs to initiate the participation of those machines on the management network. This "Remote configuration" capability involves an encryption key being entered into BIOS ...
11:35 PM PST
Technical Considerations for Intel® AMT in a Wireless Environment
By Matthew GillespiePosted 03/05/20121
Abstract Support for wireless connectivity in Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) provides new functionality for makers of network management software. Because of inherent differences in the needs of wireless and wired connectivity, developers and IT organizations working with these ...
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