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9:56 PM PST
Overview of Intel Protected File System Library Using Software Guard Extensions
By Selvaraj, Surenthar (Intel)Posted 12/19/20161
Intel® Protected File System Library A new feature called Intel Protection File System Library is introduced in the Intel SGX 1.7 Release. This Library is used to create, operate and delete files inside the enclave.  To make use of the Intel Protected File system Library we need the following re...
10:52 AM PST
An operation guide to build and debug open source Media SDK software stack
By Liu, Mark (Intel)Posted 01/04/20180
The Goal Intel started the Media SDK + associated Linux graphics stack/driver open source project in 2017. Now developers can build the full set of the media software components to run Intel® Media SDK completely from open source repositories with the steps described in this article. Developers ...
4:08 PM PST
Intel® System Studio 2018 Release Notes
By RICHARD A. (Intel)Posted 12/05/20170
This page provides the Release Notes for the Intel® System Studio 2018 product. To get product updates, log in to the Intel® Software Development Products Registration Center. For questions or technical support, visit Intel® Software Products Support. You can register and download the Intel® S...
3:50 PM PST
Intel® System Studio Release Notes
By RICHARD A. (Intel)Posted 12/05/20170
Below are links to Intel® System Studio Release Notes. For more information, please visit our technical articles library. Intel System Studio 2018 release notes Intel System Studio 2017 release notes Intel System Studio 2016 release notes
12:00 PM PDT
Intel® Software Guard Extensions Tutorial Series: Part 10, Enclave Analysis and Debugging
By John M. (Intel)Posted 10/05/20170
Learn how to use the Intel SGX Debugger to inspect enclaves in mixed-mode applications such as our Tutorial Password Manager. Then we'll analyze enclave memory usage Enclave Memory Measurement Tool (EMMT).
9:45 AM PDT
Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (Intel® HAXM)
By adminPosted 09/08/20179
A brief description of the Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (Intel® HAXM)--a hardware-assisted virtualization engine--and supported systems.
2:13 PM PDT
Developing for Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT)
By Foster, Whitney (Intel)Posted 08/16/20170
Managing a fleet of computers can be a complex task with computers in hard to reach places, powered off, or with their physical whereabouts unknown. While those are just a few of the on-site challenges, management service providers (MSP) have the added challenge of servicing the computers remotel...
5:30 AM PDT
How to tell a CPU model, when running under a hypervisor that hides a real CPUID
By alexander-komarov (Intel)Posted 08/08/20170
When running in a virtual machine, you may never be sure which physical CPU you are running on - hypervisor can pass anything as CPUID to guests. For best performance, it helps to use the best instruction set supported by a physical CPU - be it AVX512, AVX2, AVX, SSE4.1, AES-NI, or other accelera...
3:12 PM PDT
Intel® Software Guard Extensions Tutorial Part 9: Power Events and Data Sealing
By John M. (Intel)Posted 06/22/20170
In Part 9 of the Intel® SGX tutorial series we address complexities of the suspend and resume power cycle. We’ll examine data Intel SGX sealing capabilities and apply our learnings to the Tutorial Password Manager.
9:24 AM PDT
Use Intel SGX Templates for the GNU* Autoconf* Build System
By John M. (Intel)Posted 05/09/20170
Learn how to extend the functionality of GNU Autoconf to build software that makes use of Intel® SGX. Includes a download with templates and a sample application source tree.
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