The technical details on how to submit and test your code will be available at the beginning of the contest.

You will be able to try your code on a multi-core machine by uploading it on a server, and the results will be automatically sent to you after being benchmarked.

Registrations remain open for the duration of the contest which runs from 16th of April 2012 to the 16th of May 2012.The Code should be written for a Linux machine and uploaded in an archive format ( .tar ) with a minimum of:

  • a makefile
  • a readme for the description of the code
  • Your code
All the libraries installed on the testing machine are authorized, and the code has to belong to the developers. (no inclusion of external libraries ).
The machine on which the code will be tested is the same cluster that you will use for your  tests, so your code has to run on this machine. The machine is C/C++/Fortran equipped, so you can choose your weapons! :) To be best equiped and be able to make best use of the machine, Intel tools can be downloaded for free by universities.



For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.