Registrations remain open for the duration of the contest which runs from 15th of october to the 15th of november.The Code should be  written for a Linux machine (see the MTL Below) and sent in an archive format ( .tar ) with  a  minimum of:

  • a makefile
  • a readme for the description of the code
  • Your code
  • Your optimized launch script if necessary (Environment stuff...)

All the libraries installed on the MTL are authorized, and the code has to belong to the developers. (no inclusion of external libraries ). The machine on which the code will be tested is the MTL, so your code has to runon the MTL. The machine is C/C++/Fortran equipped, so you can choose your weapons! :) To be best equiped and be able to make best use of the machine, Intel tools can be downloaded for free by universities. Indeed, the academic program gives the access to 25 free licenses of the Intel tools per teacher. IF you do not  have your university license yet, you should go on the evaluation website to download it.


During the period of the contest, you will have a MTL account to test your code Live on the 40 cores machine ! It is called the 'Intel Many Core Testing Lab.  This machine will be the one the judges will use to rate the codes from a speed point of view, but also from a scalability point of view.  THE CODE HAS TU RUN ON THE MTL, if not, the code will not be tested.   The Access of the MTL will be provided as soon as you have registered.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.