Intel® Quiet System Technology (Intel® QST) Software Development Kit


Thank you for your interest in the Intel® Quiet System Technology (Intel® QST) Software Development Kit. The Intel® QST SDK (Software Development Kit) contains the building blocks and documentation material needed to develop software that interact with Intel® QST systems.

Note: Intel® Quiet System Technology (QST) SDK is only applicable to 965 and 3, 4 and 5 Series boards. Intel® Quiet System Technology (QST) SDK does not support the Intel® QST implementation that is built into the eSIO devices on the 8 Series Intel® Desktop Boards.

Download the Intel® QST 2.1 SDK

Programmer's Reference Manual


The Intel® Quiet System Technology Software Development Kit provides developers with the building blocks and example programs that they need to build their own applications that can interact with Intel® QST. Support is included for building applications for the DOS, Microsoft Windows*, Linux and Solaris operating system environments. The SDK contains no binary components; full source code is provided for all components. This includes the source for the primary libraries that support communications with, and the instrumentation of the sensors and controllers being managed by, Intel® QST, as well as that for a number of example programs and services.

Version: Release 2.1
Date Published: 02/17/2010
Download Size: 4.2 KB



Please direct any questions about Intel® QST to the Intel Developer Zone Business Client Community Forum.

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How to command with C++ to change PWM control fan speed.
We need manual select fan speed to HI and Low for test.

Are there any applications that can use through Intel QST SDK to interact with Intel QST systems?

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Victor - the download link was connecting to the wrong file. I fixed it and believe it works correctly now - no password. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!

I downloaded the Intel QST SDK zipped file. WinZip asked me for password when I tried to unzip the downloaded zipped file ( How can I obtain a password to unzip this file?

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Thanks for catching that! It is now correct.

When I download the Intel QST SDK 2.1 ( the file is only 419 KB (429,347 bytes).
The information above states that the QST SDK download should be 4.2MB.

From the Overview above:

Version: Release 2.1
Date Published: 02/17/2010
Download Size: 4.2 MB

Am I missing something or is the downloads size incorrect (Should have been KB not MB)
Please let me know.

PDS Inc.


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