A Guide to Auto-vectorization with Intel® C++ Compilers


The goal of this Guide is to provide guidelines for enabling compiler auto-vectorization with the Intel® C++ Compilers.  This document  is aimed at C/C++ programmers working on systems based on Intel® processors or compatible, non-Intel processors that support SIMD instructions such as Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions (Intel® SSE).  This includes Intel 64 and most IA-32 systems, but excludes systems based on Intel® Itanium® processors.  The examples presented refer to Intel SSE, but many of the principles apply also to other SIMD instruction sets.  While the examples used are specific to C++ programs, much of the concepts discussed are equally applicable to Fortran programs.

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This is the article that I want!
Vectorization is very important. I witnessed the performance boost in my app. Stay tuned!

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The sources for the examples are provided in the article. Did you try to copy the source from the article and compile?

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This guide seems to be incomplete without the files mentioned in the guide.
Can anyone please provide the mentioned files?

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