A new directory hierarchy in Intel MKL package

Intel® MKL is available as a stand-alone product and as a part of the Intel® Compiler Professional Edition.  Since version 10.3  MKL established a new directory hierarchy to simplify integration of the Intel MKL stand-alone products with the Intel Compiler Professional Editions.  Some changes in version10.3 and version 11.0 directory hierarchy include:

1)  The stand-alone Intel MKL product and Intel MKL product as a part of the Intel Compiler Professional Edition have the same directory hierarchy now.
2)  Directories formerly designated as "em64t" are now designated by the "intel64" tag. 
3)  Intel MKL dynamic libraries at Windows* are under "Composer XE 2013(or ComposerXE-2011)\redist" directory. 

4)  Intel Compiler runtime libraries and OpenMP* libraries in Intel MKL are shared components with Intel Compilers. These files are under " Composer XE 2013(or ComposerXE-2011)\compiler" directory.
5)  Intel MKL documentation is under "Composer XE 2013(or ComposerXE-2011)\Documentation" directory.
6) There is no IA64 directory. Intel Itanium® architecture (IA-64) support is not included in this release.

The following picture shows a high-level directory structure of Intel MKL

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